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The Untamed

Released Jul 21, 2017 1h 40m Drama TRAILER for The Untamed: Trailer 1 List
86% Tomatometer 73 Reviews 56% Audience Score 250+ Ratings
A couple in a troubled marriage locate a meteorite, initiating an encounter with a mysterious creature. Their lives are turned upside down by the discovery of the creature, which is a source of both pleasure and destruction. Read More Read Less
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The Untamed

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The Untamed

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Critics Consensus

The Untamed attempts some ambitious tonal juggling between fantastical and disturbing -- and draws viewers in with its slippery, inexorable pull.

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Critics Reviews

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David Stratton The Australian Perhaps horror isn't exactly the right word to describe this eerie, bloody, sexy movie. Rated: 4/5 Oct 20, 2017 Full Review J. R. Jones Chicago Reader [Amat Escalante's] film may lack the subtlety of Val Lewton's famously allusive RKO chillers, but there's the same sense that the shadowy rooms braved by the characters are no less than the human psyche itself. Sep 7, 2017 Full Review Jonathan Romney Observer (UK) Despite the avowed debt to Andrzej Żuławski's famously disturbing 1981 film Possession, this is bracingly individual stuff. Just don't expect to touch calamari again in a hurry. Rated: 4/5 Aug 20, 2017 Full Review Paul Kanieski KSQD Community Radio The Untamed is a near-perfect psychosexual drama disguised as a creature feature. Jul 25, 2023 Full Review Joe Lipsett Horror Queers Podcast The Untamed uses its sci-fi premise to explore grounded notions of masculinity, sexual repression and the all-consuming allure of unbridled sex to great effect. Rated: 4/5 May 6, 2022 Full Review Trace Thurman Horror Queers Podcast The Untamed is a deeply unsettling and sometimes confounding watch. Escalante doesn't quite stick the landing, but there's plenty here for viewers to sink their tentacles into. Rated: 3.5/5 May 4, 2022 Full Review Read all reviews

Audience Reviews

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Simina M Who writes movie infos on this website?? They don't watch the movies! Rated 3.5 out of 5 stars 01/28/24 Full Review Damien B UNTAMED might be a very strange choice for viewing and as such it falls somewhere between SLITHER, THE EYES OF MY MOTHER, EARWIG, and BERBERIAN STUDIOS, in both pacing and the dark, nefarious characters and foreboding plot as it unfolds to reveal more than a few bizarre surprises. It is a fairly slow-paced film, which actually suits the atmosphere and the environment the lead female character finds herself enraptured with and encapsulated by. If you enjoy this, i would highly recommend following UNTAMED with PIAFFE, starring the same actress, who seems to fit into these morbidly skitzoid roles with ease and she aptly supplies the added panache needed to give it that crusty, cringy, earthy, rather coarse, eerie embodiment of whatever character she takes on and becomes in the process. She is very believable and well suited to this sort of dark and weird indie film format. Not for everybody, granted, yet she brings something undeniably unique and different to the table that really makes it work. Rated 3 out of 5 stars 11/27/23 Full Review Hugo - Shudder F A raw dissection of our most intimate repressions. "The Untamed" explores the darkness we are dragged into when we are not allowed to live our sexuality to its fullest. It is remarkable how sci-fi elements are used as a metaphor to deliver this erotic horror. Utterly risky and daring! Rated 4.5 out of 5 stars 01/14/23 Full Review Morgan D A gruesome look into the abuses and dark pleasures we allow because we fear being alone. Rated 4.5 out of 5 stars 04/28/22 Full Review Audience Member I mean what can you truly say about a film like this except. "Curiosity". The film is extremely compelling, the acting is very good, and the sexual charge and perversion are downright gripping. It flirts with danger, pleasure, and vulnerability in a way that makes it almost impossible not to watch. This film is NOT for everyone. But it is definitely worth the time. Rated 3.5 out of 5 stars 02/22/23 Full Review Audience Member haha, this was NOT what i thought it was going to be, lol. definitely intriguing to say the least... surprisingly weird. i'm not sure if i liked it or not, haha. Rated 3 out of 5 stars 01/20/23 Full Review Read all reviews
The Untamed

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Movie Info

Synopsis A couple in a troubled marriage locate a meteorite, initiating an encounter with a mysterious creature. Their lives are turned upside down by the discovery of the creature, which is a source of both pleasure and destruction.
Amat Escalante
Jaime Romandia
Amat Escalante, Gibrán Portela
Original Language
Release Date (Theaters)
Jul 21, 2017, Limited
Release Date (Streaming)
Oct 17, 2017
Box Office (Gross USA)
1h 40m
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