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      Season 1 – 12 O'Clock High

      1964 Drama War List
      Reviews This action drama follows the high-flying adventures of the 918th Heavy Bombardment Group in World War II from mid-1942 through 1944. The group is first under the command of Brig. Gen. Frank Savage and later, Col. Joseph Anson Gallagher. The TV series is based on the 1949 film of the same title. Read More Read Less

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      Episode 1 Aired Sep 18, 1964 Golden Boy Had Nine Black Sheep Savage challenges a lazy officer (Paul Burke), a general's son, to whip misfits into a sharp bombing crew. Details Episode 2 Aired Sep 25, 1964 Follow the Leader Against advice, Savage orders an entire bombing run to be directed by the sharp eyes of a troubled bombardier (Andrew Prine). Details Episode 3 Aired Oct 2, 1964 The Men and the Boys Savage faces criticism when he court-martials a pilot who broke formation to help a friend. Details Episode 4 Aired Oct 16, 1964 The Sound of Distant Thunder Savage works to transform an awkward youth (Peter Fonda) with surprising talents into an able serviceman. Details Episode 5 Aired Oct 23, 1964 The Climate of Doubt Crowe's command judgment comes under fire when a risky mission he ordered results in high casualties; guest Viveca Lindfors. Details Episode 6 Aired Oct 30, 1964 Pressure Point Savage acts on his own initiative when he is caught between his own convictions and a senator's contrary recommendations. Details Episode 7 Aired Nov 6, 1964 Decision Orders from Gen. Crowe force Savage to send a good friend to lead a bombing run on a heavily-guarded German missile factory. Details Episode 8 Aired Nov 13, 1964 The Hours Before Dawn Both Savage and a British girl (Glynis Johns) who gave him shelter become prisoners of a downed German flier (Fritz Weaver). Details Episode 9 Aired Nov 20, 1964 Appointment at Liege A major (Gary Lockwood) whose crew died on a mission while he was at home asks to lead a bombing run on the same target city. Details Episode 10 Aired Nov 27, 1964 Interlude Emotionally battered Savage falls for a Scottish Wren (Dana Wynter) he meets on her way home on leave; guest Rhys Williams. Details Episode 11 Aired Dec 4, 1964 Here's to Courageous Cowards Savage tries to recruit a non-combatant (Brandon de Wilde) for combat duty, only to learn the man is a conscientious objector. Details Episode 12 Aired Dec 11, 1964 Soldiers Sometimes Kill Amnesia resulting from a head injury leaves Savage without a defense when he is accused of murder; guest Murray Matheson. Details Episode 13 Aired Dec 18, 1964 The Suspected A war correspondent (Edward Binns) identifies a sergeant (Michael Callan) as an escaped convict; guest Antoinette Bower. Details Episode 14 Aired Dec 25, 1964 An Act of War Savage conducts his own investigation into conflicting reports on the success of an air raid. Details Episode 15 Aired Jan 1, 1965 Those Who Are About to Die Savage's squad becomes edgy when fog postpones the launching of a hazardous mission; guests Glenn Corbett, Sally Kellerman. Details Episode 16 Aired Jan 8, 1965 In Search of My Enemy Savage discovers that his former fiancee (Barbara Shelley) is married to a pilot (Steve Forrest) assigned to his squadron. Details Episode 17 Aired Jan 15, 1965 The Albatross A lieutenant (Robert Drivas) about to be sent home suffers disfiguring burns during a mission that Savage asked him to join. Details Episode 18 Aired Jan 22, 1965 The Lorelei Savage becomes concerned when a new deputy commander (Rip Torn) demonstrates an unusually strong attachment to superstition. Details Episode 19 Aired Jan 29, 1965 Faith, Hope and Sergeant Aronson Hospitalized Savage tries to restore hope to a patient who has given up on living; guests Sorrell Booke, Antoinette Bower. Details Episode 20 Aired Feb 5, 1965 To Heinie, With Love A new navigator (Keir Dullea) displays personality traits that could endanger both missions and crews; guest Ralph Williams. Details Episode 21 Aired Feb 12, 1965 The Clash Shot down over water, Savage is forced to share a life raft with the armed German officer (Albert Paulsen) who attacked him. Details Episode 22 Aired Feb 26, 1965 The Ticket A sweepstakes ticket changes the attitude of a lieutenant (Earl Holliman) who has been happily accepting dangerous missions. Details Episode 23 Aired Mar 5, 1965 The Trap Occupants of a London air-raid shelter, including Savage, become desperate when a delayed-action bomb blocks the sole exit. Details Episode 24 Aired Mar 12, 1965 End of the Line A major (Paul Burke) chosen for a dangerous mission struggles with guilt over the death of a buddy; guest Barbara Feldon. Details Episode 25 Aired Mar 19, 1965 The Threat Nazi broadcaster Axis Sally warns Savage that he will soon meet with a fatal mishap; guests Burt Metcalfe, Harold Gould. Details Episode 26 Aired Mar 26, 1965 Mutiny at 10,000 Feet A lieutenant who wants to spend the war in a neutral country spreads rumors about Savage's sanity during a bombing mission. Details Episode 27 Aired Apr 2, 1965 The Mission A crippled plane, a jammed bomb and antagonism toward an uncertain crewman jeopardize a mission to bomb enemy supply lines. Details Episode 28 Aired Apr 9, 1965 Cry of Fallen Birds A terrified woman (Dana Wynter) must face leaving her manor home when Savage wants it demolished to clear a vital runway. Details Episode 29 Aired Apr 16, 1965 V for Vendetta A deskbound, envious general (Lin McCarthy) accuses Savage of bombing a target because of a vendetta; guest Gary Lockwood. Details Episode 30 Aired Apr 23, 1965 P.O.W. An urbane POW-camp commandant (Alf Kjellin) sees captured Savage as a worthy adversary; guest James Farentino. Details Episode 31 Aired Apr 30, 1965 P.O.W. The kidnapping of Richter (Alf Kjellin) is central to Savage's clever plan for escape; guest James Farentino. Details Episode 32 Aired May 7, 1965 The Hero A World War I flying ace (James Whitmore) takes command of a new unit, but can't abandon his reckless technique of fighting. Details

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      Season Info

      Don Medford, Billy Graham, Ralph Senensky, Sutton Roley, Walter Grauman, Joseph Leytes, Laslo Benedek
      Executive Producer
      Quinn Martin
      Al C. Ward, Charles Larson, Harold Jack Bloom, Jack Turley, Edward J. Lakso, Albert Aley, Donald S. Sanford, Dean Riesner, Gilbert Ralston, Stanford Whitmore, Chester Krumholz
      Drama, War
      Original Language
      Release Date
      Sep 18, 1964