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      Season 4 – Evening Shade

      1993 Comedy List
      Reviews Former professional football player Woodrow "Wood" Newton retires to his hometown of Evening Shade, Ark., and settles into a new job as coach of a high-school football team with a long losing streak. The comedy series shines a light on life in rural America with a focus on the three Fs -- faith, family and friends. Read More Read Less

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      Episode 1 Aired Sep 20, 1993 Four Naked Women The men (Burt Reynolds, Charles Durning, Michael Jeter) return to town after their annual camping trip planning to get even with the women (Marilu Henner, Elizabeth Ashley, Ann Wedgeworth). Details Episode 2 Aired Sep 27, 1993 One Down, Three to Go Ava (Marilu Henner) has a hard time adjusting when Taylor (Jay R. Ferguson) moves into his own apartment. Guest star: Carol Burnett. Details Episode 3 Aired Oct 4, 1993 One Hot Game Wood and Freida (Burt Reynolds, Elizabeth Ashley) are locked in her new sauna on the first night of football season. With Marilu Henner. Details Episode 4 Aired Oct 11, 1993 Witness for the Prosecution Ava and Harlan (Marilu Henner, Charles Durning) go head to head in court when he is a witness for an insurance company. With Burt Reynolds. Details Episode 5 Aired Oct 18, 1993 Kiss of the Ice Cream Woman As Herman's (Michael Jeter) about to reveal an indiscretion to Margaret (Ann Hearn), she confesses she has kissed another man. Details Episode 6 Aired Oct 25, 1993 Night of the Living Newtons Wood (Burt Reynolds) tries to allay Emily's (Alexa Vega) fear of scary costumes by letting her pick out his Halloween attire. Details Episode 7 Aired Nov 1, 1993 The Dance Wood (Burt Reynolds) is upset when Molly (Candace Hutson) buys a slinky dress and he sees her kissing her boyfriend (T.J. Roberts). Details Episode 8 Aired Nov 8, 1993 Wood and Evan's Excellent Adventure Wood and Evan (Burt Reynolds, Hal Holbrook) take over Nub's (Charlie Dell) paper route when he becomes ill. Details Episode 9 Aired Nov 15, 1993 Small Town Girl A movie star (Raquel Welch) arrives with plans to buy the town and turn it into a theme park for tourists. With Burt Reynolds and Marilu Henner. Details Episode 10 Aired Nov 22, 1993 Where There's Smoke Frieda (Elizabeth Ashley) recruits Herman (Michael Jeter) to help her quit smoking after she learns it may harm her complexion. With Burt Reynolds. Details Episode 11 Aired Nov 29, 1993 Chain of Fools Ponder (Ossie Davis) is afraid that a new restaurant chain in town will put him out of business. With Jay R. Ferguson and Ann Wedgeworth. Details Episode 12 Aired Dec 13, 1993 Sleepless in Arkansas When Fontana (Linda Gehringer) is too busy with the baby to make love, Evan (Hal Holbrook) distracts himself by remodeling the house. With Burt Reynolds. Details Episode 13 Aired Dec 20, 1993 The Proof Is in the Pudding Ava (Marilu Henner) is forced to imprison her own father (Hal Holbrook) for refusing to divulge a journalistic source. With Michael Jeter. Details Episode 14 Aired Jan 3, 1994 The People's Choice Harlan (Charles Durning) assumes that he will be able to run unopposed in the Evening Shade mayoral race. Guest star: Alice Ghostley. Details Episode 15 Aired Jan 10, 1994 Educating Calvin Wood's delinquent cousin returns to Evening Shade and decides stay at the Newtons' until he earns his high-school diploma. Details Episode 16 Aired Jan 24, 1994 Paint the Town Nude Harlan (Charles Durning) is upset when Merleen (Ann Wedgeworth) takes up oil painting and paints all her subjects in the nude. With Burt Reynolds. Details Episode 17 Aired Jan 31, 1994 The Perfect Woman Frieda, Ava and Fontana (Elizabeth Ashley, Marilu Henner, Linda Gehringer) find Ponder (Ossie Davis) a new girlfriend (Diahann Carroll) without knowing she was once a man. Details Episode 18 Aired Feb 7, 1994 It's a Mad, Mad, Mad Wood Wood, in his capacity as mayor, is forced to imitate a clucking chicken to claim a $1 million inheritance. Details Episode 19 Aired Feb 28, 1994 The Fabulous Frazier Girls Merleen (Ann Wedgeworth) is thrilled when her sisters Jolene and Lurleen (Tammy Wynette, K.T. Oslin) invite her to sing with them. Details Episode 20 Aired Mar 7, 1994 I Did, I Did Wood and Ava (Burt Reynolds, Marilu Henner) decide to renew their marriage vows for their 20th wedding anniversary. Details Episode 21 Aired Mar 14, 1994 Mr. Newton Goes to Hot Springs Wood and Herman attend a mayor's conference, hoping to find a trash collection vehicle for their bankrupt town. Details Episode 22 Aired Mar 28, 1994 Who's Afraid of the Big Bad Wood? Wood faces a difficult decision when he is offered a job as quarterback coach for the Atlanta Falcons. Details Episode 23 Aired Apr 11, 1994 Wood Climbs to New Heights Ava insists that Wood must intervene when a suitor paints "I Love Molly" on the town's water tower. Details Episode 24 Aired May 9, 1994 Mama Knows Best Ava is emotionally unprepared when a romance develops between Taylor and her visiting friend from college. Details Episode 25 Aired May 16, 1994 The Odder Couple Taylor is annoyed at having his privacy invaded when Wood moves in with him while Emily has the chicken pox. Details Episode 26 Aired May 23, 1994 I Left My Ring in Evening Shade Wood's old friend arrives in town to reclaim his grandmother's engagement ring from his ex-wife, Frieda. Details

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      Todd Everett Variety The Burt Reynoldsization of Evening Shade continues as the putatively ensemble series settles into its fourth season... Show is watchable, but it's a shame how much available talent is wasted in its execution. Jun 5, 2019 Full Review

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      TV-PG (D)
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      Sep 20, 1993