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      Season 1 – Hollywood Heights

      2012 Soap List
      Reviews Nick at Nite has come a long way since the days when it aired reruns of old black-and-white series, now branching out into the world of a nightly prime-time drama. "Hollywood Heights," based on a Mexican telenovela, focuses on Loren Tate, a shy teen with musical aspirations who finds the support system she needs in her single mom, Nora. Loren's dreams of making it in music get closer to becoming reality when she wins a songwriting contest sponsored by rock star Eddie Duran, whose star is beginning to fade. As Loren begins her meteoric rise and wins Eddie's love, both are tested by setbacks, heartbreak and deception. Read More Read Less

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      Episode 1 Aired Jun 11, 2012 Meeting a Rockstar Rocker Eddie Duran and his girlfriend head to Los Angeles for the last stop on his concert tour; Loren and Melissa talk their way into a concert. Details Episode 2 Aired Jun 19, 2012 Loren Catches Eddie's Attention Loren is excited when Eddie's eyes catch hers at a performance; Chloe sets Tyler straight. Details Episode 3 Aired Jun 20, 2012 Eddie's Songwriting Contest Tyler meets up with Eddie; Melissa tells Loren about Eddie's songwriting contest. Details Episode 4 Aired Jun 21, 2012 Chloe's Secret Melissa enters Loren's song into the contest; Eddie nearly uncovers Chloe's secret. Details Episode 5 Aired Jun 22, 2012 Eddie Decides to Take the Next Step Loren is upset about her song entry; Melissa and Nora work to cheer up Loren; Eddie wants to take the next step with Chloe. Details Episode 6 Aired Jun 25, 2012 Loren Makes the Top 25 Loren's song makes the top 25 in the contest; Chloe keeps a photo from the press; Jake teaches Kelly about the business. Details Episode 7 Aired Jun 26, 2012 Loren Has to Make a Decision Loren gets a scholarship and decides to focus on a more realistic future; Eddie hints at marriage in an interview. Details Episode 8 Aired Jun 27, 2012 Max Questions Chloe Max starts to become suspicious of Chloe; Tyler receives an eviction notice; Phil helps Adriana cheat on a test. Details Episode 9 Aired Jun 28, 2012 Loren Doesn't Make the Cut Jake cuts Loren from the list of finalists; Loren heads to the club opening to give Eddie her song. Details Episode 10 Aired Jun 29, 2012 Eddie Questions His Feelings Loren and Melissa cannot give Eddie the song; Eddie changes his opinion of Chloe. Details Episode 11 Aired Jul 2, 2012 Loren Gets Framed Chloe convinces Eddie that a photo is fake; Adriana and Phil plant evidence in Loren's locker. Details Episode 12 Aired Jul 3, 2012 The Incriminating Photo Eddie plans a surprise for Chloe; Loren must prove her innocence or she will be suspended from school. Details Episode 13 Aired Jul 4, 2012 Loren's Proven Innocent Chloe tells Eddie that Tyler has been stalking her; Loren is proven innocent at school. Details Episode 14 Aired Jul 5, 2012 Chloe Finally Gets What She Wants Nora's boss helps Loren get her song to Max for an attempt at a second chance in the contest; Chloe gets what she wants. Details Episode 15 Aired Jul 6, 2012 Loren's Song Nora gets Max to listen to Loren's song; Max shares Loren's song with Eddie. Details Episode 16 Aired Jul 9, 2012 Loren's Stage Fright Loren is added as a finalist in the competition; Eddie warns Tyler to stay away from Chloe. Details Episode 17 Aired Jul 10, 2012 Dinner at the Tate's Eddie's father mourns Katy's death on their anniversary; Nora invites Don and Adriana over for dinner. Details Episode 18 Aired Jul 11, 2012 The Announcement Eddie and Chloe make an announcement; Loren prepares for the contest event. Details Episode 19 Aired Jul 12, 2012 Loren Gets Lost As the contest begins, Loren and her friends are lost and stranded across town. Details Episode 20 Aired Jul 13, 2012 The Songwriting Contest Loren finds her way to the club and takes the stage to perform; Chloe is shocked when she comes face to face with Jackie. Details Episode 21 Aired Jul 16, 2012 A Winner Is Chosen Loren is able to perform after conquering her stage fright; Chloe tries to hide Jackie from Eddie. Details Episode 22 Aired Jul 17, 2012 The Music Video Rehearsal Loren arrives for Eddie's music video shoot; Phil proves his loyalty to Colorado. Details Episode 23 Aired Jul 18, 2012 Chloe's Jealousy Chloe tries to be a part of Eddie's music video; Tyler reveals his secret; Loren and Eddie grow closer. Details Episode 24 Aired Jul 19, 2012 Max Confronts Chloe Max confronts Chloe about the dirt he has on her. Details Episode 25 Aired Jul 20, 2012 Lisa Reveals a Secret Loren considers her future; Chloe must come clean about her past; Lisa opens up to Melissa. Details Episode 26 Aired Jul 23, 2012 Loren's Dilemma Loren meets up with Eddie and makes a huge decision about her future; Max and Eddie clash over Chloe's lies. Details Episode 27 Aired Jul 24, 2012 Eddie and Chloe Meet Oz Eddie encourages Chloe to reconcile with Jackie; Eddie and Chloe meet with a movie producer. Details Episode 28 Aired Jul 25, 2012 Melissa's Birthday Chloe creates a diversion when things escalate between Jake, Max, Eddie and Tyler; Loren and Melissa clash with Phil and Adriana. Details Episode 29 Aired Jul 26, 2012 Chloe Turns Diva Chloe shows her true colors on the set of Eddie's music video; Loren invites Eddie to spend time with her. Details Episode 30 Aired Jul 27, 2012 Another Incriminating Photo Loren asks Eddie to help celebrate Melissa's birthday; Max reveals what he has uncovered about Chloe. Details Episode 31 Aired Jul 30, 2012 Eddie Learns the Truth Chloe's incriminating photo exasperates Eddie; Loren is ecstatic after a business meeting with Kelly. Details Episode 32 Aired Jul 31, 2012 The Video Shoot Eddie tries to put his personal issues aside while shooting his music video; Loren gets a new part in the video. Details Episode 33 Aired Aug 1, 2012 Chloe Tries to Reconcile Chloe shows up at Eddie's apartment, desperate to make amends; Phil gets deeper into trouble with Colorado. Details Episode 34 Aired Aug 2, 2012 The Collaboration Loren and Eddie work on her song together; Chloe does a televised interview with Lily. Details Episode 35 Aired Aug 3, 2012 The House Party Chloe follows Eddie to Loren's house party in the valley; Eddie and Loren grow closer. Details Episode 36 Aired Aug 6, 2012 The Paparazzi Photo The paparazzi release a photo of Eddie and Loren; Chloe is thrown off by Tyler's change in attitude. Details Episode 37 Aired Aug 7, 2012 Eddie's New Song Tyler comforts Chloe after Eddie rejects her; Eddie visits Loren at work. Details Episode 38 Aired Aug 8, 2012 Eddie's Birthday Eddie writes songs with Loren on his birthday; Nora is worried about Loren's feelings for Eddie. Details Episode 39 Aired Aug 9, 2012 The Double Date Loren convinces Nora to join Eddie and Max for Eddie's birthday dinner; Gus and Lisa worry about Phil. Details Episode 40 Aired Aug 10, 2012 Their Special Place Eddie volunteers to drive Loren home after his birthday dinner; Jackie makes a shocking discovery. Details Episode 41 Aired Aug 13, 2012 Eddie Inspires Loren A night with Eddie inspires Loren; Nora is concerned about Loren; Chloe tries to get Eddie's attention. Details Episode 42 Aired Aug 14, 2012 Eddie Explains Himself Tyler discovers the truth behind Chloe's hospital visit; Eddie opens up to Loren. Details Episode 43 Aired Aug 15, 2012 Loren's Recording Session Kelly arranges Loren's first session in the recording studio; Osborne and Connor plot to get Eddie in their next movie. Details Episode 44 Aired Aug 16, 2012 Eddie Feels at Home Eddie joins Nora and Loren for dinner; Adriana makes an unexpected discovery. Details Episode 45 Aired Aug 17, 2012 Chloe and Oz Chloe is determined to turn her life around; Chloe meets with Oz; Loren's online video receives a positive response. Details Episode 46 Aired Aug 20, 2012 Jake's Concern Jake is worried that Eddie's new music is off base; Lily, Tyler and Jackie try to warn Chloe about Oz's intentions. Details Episode 47 Aired Aug 21, 2012 Loren Deals With the Ex Eddie can not refuse Chloe's plea for help; Loren is upset when she finds out that Eddie and Chloe are spending time together. Details Episode 48 Aired Aug 22, 2012 Eddie Takes Off Eddie heads to Max's secluded beach bungalow; Colorado puts pressure on Phil after being confronted by Detective Conlee and Gus. Details Episode 49 Aired Aug 23, 2012 The Beach Bungalow Eddie opens up about his feelings for Loren; Max and Jake admonish Chloe for hurting Eddie. Details Episode 50 Aired Aug 24, 2012 Nora Visits Max Loren and Eddie spend time at the bungalow; Nora and Max grow closer; Chloe discovers that Tyler has tried to sabotage her. Details Episode 51 Aired Aug 27, 2012 Eddie's Inspired Eddie begins to write more music; Melissa meets her Aunt Beth; a family crisis occurs. Details Episode 52 Aired Aug 28, 2012 Eddie Helps Chloe Chloe begs Eddie to meet with Osborne Silver; Loren gets a makeover. Details Episode 53 Aired Aug 29, 2012 Loren's New Look Loren models for a photo shoot; Eddie agrees to star in Oz's next movie. Details Episode 54 Aired Aug 30, 2012 Loren's Debut Eddie and Loren prepare for their upcoming concert; Tyler plans to expose Chloe; Melissa gets some answers. Details Episode 55 Aired Aug 31, 2012 Eddie's New Sound Eddie plays some of his new material; Max and Nora take their friendship to the next level. Details Episode 56 Aired Sep 3, 2012 Tyler Collects Evidence The day of the concert at MK Club arrives; Tyler searches for incriminating evidence at Chloe's apartment. Details Episode 57 Aired Sep 4, 2012 If There Was No Music Eddie pulls Loren on stage to perform with him; Lisa gets a visitor from her past. Details Episode 58 Aired Sep 5, 2012 Mixed Reactions Loren and Eddie get different reactions to their concert performances; Phil's raid of the clinic does not go as planned. Details Episode 59 Aired Sep 6, 2012 Tyler Blackmails Chloe Tyler names a price for keeping Chloe's secret; Melissa deals with what she has learned about her past. Details Episode 60 Aired Sep 7, 2012 Loren Has Doubts Eddie is disturbed by a mysterious phone call; Loren questions her professional relationship with Kelly. Details Episode 61 Aired Sep 10, 2012 The Mystery Texter Loren finds the possible identity of the mystery texter; Eddie is suspicious of Lily. Details Episode 62 Aired Sep 11, 2012 Loren Talks Business Eddie is concerned about Loren's meeting with a music producer; Phil's dealings with Colorado come to an end. Details Episode 63 Aired Sep 12, 2012 The Text Spoof Eddie and Kelly clash over the direction of Loren's career; Chloe plans to bring Loren down. Details Episode 64 Aired Sep 13, 2012 Eddie Demands Answers When Eddie demands answers, Chloe implicates Tyler; Max and Tyler make a horrifying discovery. Details Episode 65 Aired Sep 14, 2012 Missing Loren and Max are worried when Eddie goes missing; Tyler holds a vigil at the hospital. Details Episode 66 Aired Sep 17, 2012 Bad News Travels Fast The news of Eddie's accident reaches his loved ones; Lily interrogates Tyler about Chloe. Details Episode 67 Aired Sep 18, 2012 Max Looks for Answers Max continues his relentless pursuit of answers; Jake seeks comfort from Kelly. Details Episode 68 Aired Sep 19, 2012 Seeing a Ghost When Loren's classmates seek details about Eddie, Mel runs interference; Max is suspicious of Tyler. Details Episode 69 Aired Sep 20, 2012 Waking Up Loren runs into problems in the recording studio; Chloe makes progress. Details Episode 70 Aired Sep 21, 2012 A Strange Call A stranger calls Max to deliver some mysterious news; Loren decides to have her first solo concert. Details Episode 71 Aired Sep 24, 2012 Max and Nora Go to Ojai Max and Nora search an Ojai gas station for clues; Tyler urges Chloe to tell the detective that Eddie was responsible for her accident. Details Episode 72 Aired Sep 25, 2012 Loren and Kelly Clash Loren and Kelly disagree about Loren singing songs written by someone else; Don's plan for the clinic does not work out. Details Episode 73 Aired Sep 26, 2012 A Message for Loren Loren plans to play a new song at the memorial concert; Adriana is in denial about Don's accident. Details Episode 74 Aired Sep 27, 2012 Escape Loren does an interview from Eddie's apartment; Max receives some promising news; Phil defends his innocence. Details Episode 75 Aired Sep 28, 2012 Loren Learns the Truth Loren learns the truth about Eddie; Chloe tries to remember what happened the night of her fall. Details Episode 76 Aired Oct 1, 2012 Loren Confronts Chloe Loren tries to get Chloe to admit the truth about her accident; Max proposes a deal; Eddie decides to move on. Details Episode 77 Aired Oct 2, 2012 Jetsetter Kelly delivers news about Loren's upcoming gig; Eddie sends Loren an anonymous message. Details Episode 78 Aired Oct 3, 2012 Fresno Max urges Loren to enjoy her big moment; Tyler and Chloe get an unexpected guest. Details Episode 79 Aired Oct 4, 2012 An Unexpected Guest Loren encounters someone from her past as she prepares for her concert; Eddie confronts Chloe and Tyler. Details Episode 80 Aired Oct 5, 2012 The Final Concert Loren makes a last minute change to her set list; Eddie tries to avoid capture. Details

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      Season Info

      Executive Producer
      Jill Farren-Phelps
      Original Language
      Release Date
      Jun 11, 2012