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      Season 2 – Life & Beth

      2024 Comedy Drama TRAILER for Life & Beth: Season 2 Trailer List
      88% 8 Reviews Tomatometer 61% Fewer than 50 Ratings Audience Score Beth’s life would look pretty great on paper. Impressive to everyone she grew up with. She makes a good living as a wine distributor. She’s in a long term relationship with a successful guy and lives in Manhattan. When a sudden incident forces Beth to engage with her past her life changes forever. Through flashbacks to her teen self, Beth starts to learn how she became who she is and who she wants to become. We’ll go on her journey towards building a bigger, bolder and more authentic life. Learning to express herself and living in an intentional way. A trip down memory lane is a strong source of trauma, comedy and moving forward. Read More Read Less

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      Life & Beth — Season 2

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      Previous Episode 1 Aired Feb 16, 2024 Trust Me Beth begs off work and meets her friends at Maya's new fancy spa gig in Manhattan; she revisits her first love; later that night, Beth and John meet for a highly anticipated date that takes a surprise turn. Details Episode 2 Aired Feb 16, 2024 Who Dat? Beth, John and their friends visit New Orleans; Beth meets an old friend of John's who deepens their appreciation for the city and one another; her friends start down some dark paths they didn't foresee. Details Episode 3 Aired Feb 16, 2024 Nothing Can Get Me Down Beth, John and their friends wake up from a raucous night in NOLA and spend the day trying to recover; after meeting LaVar and Denisha's son, Beth has a realization about John that will forever change them. Details Episode 4 Aired Feb 16, 2024 This Soup Is Gonna Be Good Beth and John look for a therapist that can help them with the communication problems that are cropping up in their relationship; visiting younger John and puting some missing pieces together. Details Episode 5 Aired Feb 16, 2024 Claire Matt leans on Beth when his past catches up with him and makes him reevaluate his life. Details Episode 6 Aired Feb 16, 2024 The Work Beth accompanies her true-crime-lover sister, Ann, to the Dupree Murder House; during the reenactment, the sisters reveal too much about themselves to one another and the other guests; Beth lets down Maya in a possibly unforgivable way. Details Episode 7 Aired Feb 16, 2024 That's What Friends Are For After life gets in the way, Beth realizes she hasn't spent much time with her friends; she plans a get together for Maya, Jen and Jess at the vineyard and the women realize they've missed a lot in their months of separation. Details Episode 8 Aired Feb 16, 2024 Shower Sex John takes it upon himself to remodel the house, making a construction site of their home; Beth feels more and more isolated both by the mess and by John's complete absorption into his various projects. Details Episode 9 Aired Feb 16, 2024 Toxic Beth is there for Jess in a time of need; reflecting on her past, Beth realizes what she needs from John in order to feel safe again. Details Episode 10 Aired Feb 16, 2024 Road to Nowhere Beth and John return home from a trip upstate and attend Jen's surprise birthday party, which turns out to be more surprising than expected; Beth reaches out to Ann during what may be the most pivotal time in Beth's life. Details Next
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      Critics Reviews

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      Previous Alan Sepinwall Rolling Stone At some point, Schumer might want to do another sketch series, and find a way for it to connect like the original Inside Amy Schumer run did. For now, though, she’s doing something different, and continuing to do it very, very well. Feb 19, 2024 Full Review M.N. Miller Geek Vibes Nation Life & Beth embodies what Mark Twain said best: "Comedy is tragedy plus time." Schumer rips moments from her life that are hilariously funny, poignant, and at times, achingly real. 8/10 Feb 20, 2024 Full Review Mike Scott Times-Picayune "This new season, while a touch rangier in subject matter, largely continues the first season’s deft balance of genuine human pathos and goofy, sometimes raunchy comedy." 3/4 Feb 20, 2024 Full Review Vikram Murthi The Daily Beast Life & Beth generates periodic laughs and some genuine drama, but its center remains frustratingly uneven. Like Beth herself, it probably could use a reset. Feb 17, 2024 Full Review Joel Keller Decider Life & Beth is a result of that reflection, and it continues to be an enjoyable journey to watch. Feb 16, 2024 Full Review Ricky Valero Ready Steady Cut The character development, performances by Amy Schumer and Michael Cera, and strong writing are all improved; Life & Beth took everything that made Season 1 so good and elevated it to even greater heights. 4/5 Feb 15, 2024 Full Review Read all reviews Next
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      Audience Ratings

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      Previous SB L Amazing show. True life situations handled beautifully. All the actors are layered and so interesting in every scene. Love the young Amy and all her friends they hit that time period spot on. Rated 5 out of 5 stars 02/22/24 Full Review Rachael B Amy Schumer is a writer/actor genius. This show is deep, funny, relatable, etc. The full cast is amazing and gets better with cameos in Season 2. Rated 5 out of 5 stars 02/22/24 Full Review Elian E As an autistic adult this is one of my favorite portrays of autism in a TV show that I’ve seen. This whole show kept me watching and I binged it in under a day. I highly recommend this show for anyone looking for a hilarious show but also if you are autistic and want something that is relatable to watch this was great. Rated 5 out of 5 stars 02/21/24 Full Review Alyssa M Honestly I know it can be uneven but I love the juxtaposition of comedy in the present day with flashbacks of their traumatic, formative youth. Isn’t that how adulthood is at times? We find ways to make light of what was very huge, often awful to us when were young and learning how the world worked. I think Michael Cera is incredible. As is Amy. I cried multiple times. Not a sad cry, just a wine/oof I’ve also experienced some of this cry. Beautiful. Loved it and really hope there’s another season! Rated 5 out of 5 stars 02/20/24 Full Review J G So good. Although the tone is a little inconsistent this season, it is still very moving and funny. Michael Cera is particularly a gem. Rated 5 out of 5 stars 02/19/24 Full Review Jeri K Re watching season 1, then watching all 10 episodes of season 2 was a treat - every actor superb- Interweaving themes are thought provoking and heart felt- so well written & directed- each character masterfully & poignantly revealed - I got to know and like them all Some laughs out loud- some tears- Each episode eagerly anticipated & each was like a delicious meal - I appreciate being able to watch the full season Rated 5 out of 5 stars 02/18/24 Full Review Read all reviews Next Post a review

      Season Info

      Amy Schumer, Kevin Kane, Daniel Powell, Ryan McFaul
      Executive Producer
      Amy Schumer, Kevin Kane, Ryan McFaul, Daniel Powell
      Amy Schumer, Daniel Powell, Mia Jackson, Ron Weiner, Jeremy Beiler, Alison Leiby, Phoebe Walsh, Tami Sagher, Sahar Jahani, Chuck Hayward
      Comedy, Drama
      Original Language
      Release Date
      Feb 16, 2024
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