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      Season 2 – Lily's Driftwood Bay

      2016 Kids & Family Adventure Animation List
      Reviews Lily creates a world of adventure and friendship from treasures she finds washed up on the beach. Read More Read Less

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      Lily's Driftwood Bay — Season 2

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      Episode 1 Aired Jun 30, 2016 Runaway Boat Bull is determined to become a great seadog just like Salty. Details Episode 2 Aired Jul 1, 2016 Say Cheese Lord Stag commissions a portrait of himself to hang in the Stag family gallery. Details Episode 31 Aired Aug 8, 2015 All-Aboard!; Goodbye Seabird Lily creates a world of adventure and friendship from treasures she finds washed up on the beach. Details Episode 46 Aired Jun 29, 2016 At Your Service Lord Stag needs a butler for his grand dinner party. Details Episode 47 Aired Jul 1, 2016 Under New Management Lily decides that Nonna needs help to run the Cockle Cafe and recruits Lord Staga. Details Episode 48 Aired Jul 14, 2016 Old Grampy River Lily and Sally get lost on an unfamiliar stretch of river on the far side of Driftwood Bay. Details Episode 49 Aired Sep 2, 2016 Mr. Parrot Lily and Lord Stag discover a talking bird. Details Episode 50 Aired Mar 13, 2017 The Salty Chicken A famous country music star gets stranded on Driftwood Bay and asks Salty to form a singing duo with her. Details Episode 51 Aired May 1, 2017 The Wanderin' Walrus Lily and Salty discover a very important ship sunk in the waters near Driftwood Bay. The Wandrin' Walrus was the ship that brought the islander's ancestors. Details Episode 52 Aired May 1, 2017 Rockpool Roulade Nonna is attempting to cook a very special recipe. Her memory, however, is failing and, though she won't admit it, Nonna struggles to remember the ingrediants. Lily steps in to help jog Nonna's memory in a very unusual way! Details Episode 53 Aired May 1, 2017 Fabulous Darling The community tries to make Wee Rabbit's sister Rowena feel welcome. Details Episode 54 Aired May 2, 2017 Spanner in the Works Nonna's pipes need repairing and Salty, being a loyal brother, pledges to fix them for her. Salty's plumbing skills, however, are not up to much and things are soon erupting in a catastrophic way. Details Episode 55 Aired May 2, 2017 Oil Spill Salty over-oils his old winch, inadvertantly causing a terrible oil slick in his beloved ocean and, even worse, endangering Puffin! The island pulls together to rescue their seabird friend. Details Episode 56 Aired May 2, 2017 Flying Felicity Lord Stag finds his old motor car and takes her out for a spin. Details Episode 57 Aired May 3, 2017 Woolly Jumpers Bull dresses up as Lightning the Sheep for the annual Driftwood Bay Sheep Race. Details Episode 58 Aired May 3, 2017 Peace and Quiet Salty is taking Hatsie for a peaceful picnic. He plans to play her a little song that he's written about his special hen. Lily, however, misunderstands Salty's wishes and decides to supply some music of her own, much to Salty's displeasure! Details Episode 59 Aired May 3, 2017 Big Puffball Muddy Bull is told to leave the café until he can clean himself up; Lily gives Bull a full, fancy makeover; Bull's friends find his new image funny and laugh at him. Details Episode 60 Aired May 4, 2017 Parker Salty takes Lily and Gull on an adventure beneath the waves in his old submarine. Details Episode 61 Aired May 4, 2017 Haddock Haul The annual Haddock Haul contest turns sour when one team accuses the other of cheating. Details Episode 62 Aired May 4, 2017 Drip Drip Drip Nonna's roof is leaking and Bull decides to help her fix it. Details Episode 63 Aired May 5, 2017 The Great Staggerini Lord Stag tries to win back his audience with a magic show. Details Episode 64 Aired May 5, 2017 Nurse Bull Bull thinks Salty is sick and insists on being his nurse. Details Episode 65 Aired May 5, 2017 Farewell Puffin Puffin leaves to join the other migrating seabirds. Details Episode 66 Aired May 8, 2017 Monster Bash Lord Stag's monster party is put in jeopardy when Lily and Bull's game goes too far. Details Episode 67 Aired May 8, 2017 Rise and Shine Lily thinks that Salty is in trouble during his morning swim. Details Episode 68 Aired May 9, 2017 Fire! Lily and Bull accidentally start a fire with a magnifying glass. Details Episode 69 Aired May 9, 2017 Fishing for Dandelions Bull's dandelion collection floats out to sea and everyone on the island tries to get them back. Details Episode 70 Aired May 9, 2017 Potty Parsley Lily over-feeds Nonna's parsley. Details Episode 71 Aired May 10, 2017 The Daily Driftwood Bull tries to find a big story for Driftwood Bay's very first newspaper. Details Episode 72 Aired May 10, 2017 Lost in the Garden Lily and her friends get lost in Lord Stag's overgrown garden. Details Episode 73 Aired May 10, 2017 Mumsie Lord Stag's mother comes to stay and proves to be a very tricky visitor. Details Episode 74 Aired May 11, 2017 The Proposal Nonna is reacquainted with her old flame Tom, when he appears on the island. Details Episode 75 Aired May 11, 2017 Beached A whale is washed up on the beach and Bull and Lily try to help it get back into the sea. Details Episode 76 Aired May 12, 2017 Bootcamp Lord Stag and Bull think of a plan to avoid Nonna's cross country run. Details Episode 77 Aired May 12, 2017 Sea Mist The Driftwood Buccaneers get lost in a sea mist. Details Episode 78 Aired May 12, 2017 Celestial Surprise Salty wants to see the most spectacular sight the island has ever seen. Details Episode 79 Aired May 15, 2017 Guiding Light Salty heads into a storm to help Puffin. Details Episode 80 Aired May 16, 2017 St Scallion's Day The island people sing about the story of the island's history. Details Episode 81 Aired May 16, 2017 Home Some newcomers to the island need assistance. Details Episode 82 Aired May 16, 2017 Paper Lanterns Lily stays with her dad to learn about the power of play. Details Episode 83 Aired May 17, 2017 Costa Del Stag Lord Stag comes up with some plans for the island, but not everyone shares his enthusiasm. Details Episode 84 Aired May 18, 2017 Christmas Crashed It's Christmas Eve and Lord Stag's festive light show brings Santa crashing to the island. A shaken Santa loses his nerve to fly and the island is delighted to realize that they have Santa to themselves. Details

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      Season Info

      Colin Williams, Darren Vandenburg
      Executive Producer
      Colin Williams
      Simon Nicholson
      Nick Jr.
      Kids & Family, Adventure, Animation
      Original Language
      English (United Kingdom)
      Release Date
      Jun 30, 2016