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      Season 7 – Mad About You

      1998 Comedy List
      57% 7 Reviews Tomatometer In this comedy, married New York couple Paul and Jamie Buchman (Paul Reiser, Helen Hunt) share their lives and offer wit and wisdom about relationships. Paul is a documentary filmmaker and Jamie works as a public relations specialist. Together, they grow and mature as they learn the art of staying married and loving it. Along for the ride is their ever-tolerant dog, Murray; Jamie's best friend, Fran; Jamie's sister, Lisa; and Paul's cousin, Ira. Playing recurring characters on the series are veteran actors including Lisa Kudrow and Hank Azaria. Read More Read Less

      Cast & Crew

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      Previous Episode 1 Aired Sep 22, 1998 Season Opener Paul (Paul Reiser) experiments with Viagra; Jamie (Helen Hunt) gets locked out of her health club wearing only a towel. Jerry Seinfeld guest stars. Details Episode 2 Aired Sep 29, 1998 A Pain in the Neck Jamie (Helen Hunt) fears Paul (Paul Reiser) may never awaken from general anesthesia during his tonsil operation. Anne Ramsay guest stars. Details Episode 3 Aired Oct 27, 1998 Tragedy Plus Time An ex-boyfriend (Eric Stoltz) leaves his estate to Jamie; Buchmans' therapist sues them; Joan learns that Debbie is attracted to a man. Details Episode 4 Aired Nov 3, 1998 There's a Puma in the Kitchen Paul's (Paul Reiser) Chinese herb has an energetic effect that appeals to Jamie (Helen Hunt) on her lunch hour. Details Episode 5 Aired Nov 10, 1998 The Silent Show Paul and Jamie have trouble following their therapist's suggestions after members of the performance group Stomp move in upstairs. Details Episode 6 Aired Nov 17, 1998 Weekend in L.A. Paul and Jamie (Paul Reiser, Helen Hunt) leave Mabel with Burt and Sylvia (Louis Zorich, Cynthia Harris) and travel to Hollywood for a big interview. Details Episode 7 Aired Nov 24, 1998 Thanksgiving Show Jamie and Paul (Helen Hunt, Paul Reiser) have a full house for Thanksgiving dinner; Mabel may be allergic. Lisa Kudrow and Steve Park guest star. Details Episode 8 Aired Dec 14, 1998 The Buried Fight Jamie (Helen Hunt) gets jealous when Paul (Paul Reiser) hires his former nurse, Diane (guest star Jean Louisa Kelly), to help his neighbor Hal (guest star Paxton Whitehead). Details Episode 9 Aired Jan 11, 1999 Farmer Buchman After Jamie (Helen Hunt) gives Paul's (Paul Reiser) new documentary a bad review, he's asked to care for his super's (guest star Jerry Adler) garden. With guest stars Abe Vigoda and Robert Klein. Details Episode 10 Aired Jan 18, 1999 Win a Free Car Ira's (John Pankow) business takes a dive; Paul (Paul Reiser) is blinded by Jamie (Helen Hunt), which threatens Ira's plans. With guest stars Richard Kind and Dan Castellaneta. Details Episode 11 Aired Jan 25, 1999 The Honeymoon Dr. Lee (guest star Steve Park) helps Paul and Jamie (Paul Reiser, Helen Hunt) get away to a much-anticipated honeymoon, as irresponsible Lisa (guest star Anne Ramsay) cares for Murray. With John Pankow, Mo Gaffney and Jeff Garlin. Details Episode 12 Aired Feb 8, 1999 Valentine's Day Paul and Jamie (Paul Reiser, Helen Hunt) spend an unsettling, trial night in a large house in the suburbs. With guest stars Richard Benjamin and Rhea Perlman. Details Episode 13 Aired Feb 22, 1999 Virtual Reality II The couple (Paul Reiser, Helen Hunt) learns that Jamie will be in bed with home run king Mark McGwire (guest starring as himself), via virtual reality. With John Pankow. Details Episode 14 Aired Mar 1, 1999 Uncle Phil Goes Back to High School Paul and Jamie are forced to play parents when Uncle Phil (Mel Brooks) causes trouble after returning to school; Lisa gets breast implants. Details Episode 15 Aired Apr 26, 1999 Murray at the Dog Show Nat prepares Murray to vie in a dog show; the Buchmans are stunned when their therapist says their sessions are complete. Details Episode 16 Aired Apr 26, 1999 Millennium Bug Paul infuriates Jamie when he takes one of her dresses to a new dry cleaner; Paul dreams of Einstein. Details Episode 17 Aired May 3, 1999 Separate Beds Paul and Jamie (Paul Reiser, Helen Hunt) decide they need space away from each other; Ira (John Pankow) becomes Marvin's (guest star Jeff Garlin) wrestling manager. Randy "Macho Man" Savage guest stars as himself. Details Episode 18 Aired May 10, 1999 Stealing Burt's Car Paul and Jamie get arrested after stealing Burt's broken-down car; guests Cyndi Lauper, Richard Belzer. Details Episode 19 Aired May 13, 1999 Paved With Good Intentions Paul and his mother-in-law, Theresa, are involved in a car accident; Theresa's estranged husband visits. Details Episode 20 Aired May 17, 1999 The Dirty Little Secret Paul and Jamie learn they may be distant cousins; Sylvia has a sudden change of heart about her daughter-in-law. Details Episode 21 Aired May 24, 1999 The Final Frontier The final episode includes clips from past shows and a glimpse at the future for the Buchmans as told by their child, Mabel. Details Episode 22 Aired May 24, 1999 The Final Frontier The final episode includes clips from past shows and a glimpse at the future for the Buchmans as told by their child, Mabel. Details Next
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      Critics Reviews

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      Previous Steve Johnson Chicago Tribune On purely the level of story, [the finale] offers a reasonably satisfying conclusion to a series that, more than most sitcoms, has been concerned with genuine emotions. Aug 22, 2019 Full Review Peter Keepnews New York Times But it's nice that ''Mad About You'' remained, to the very end, true to life. Sep 21, 2018 Full Review Michele Greppi New York Post There was a time when we were mad about Mad About You. Sep 21, 2018 Full Review Alan Pergament Buffalo News Clever, sad, funny, poignant, romantic and consistent with the series' seven-year, 10-Emmy-Award run, the hour passes as quickly as a good first date. Aug 22, 2019 Full Review David Zurawik Baltimore Sun Unlike Murphy Brown, which ditched the baby once the ratings started to drop, Mad About You stuck with Mabel to the bitter end. Aug 22, 2019 Full Review Filip Vukcevic IGN Movies What made Mad About You work is that the comedy doesn't drive the marriage; rather, the marriage drives the comedy. 8/10 Sep 21, 2018 Full Review Read all reviews Next
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      Audience Ratings

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      Previous Audience Member I truly enjoyed this show. Just finished a binge watch of all the episodes. Rated 5 out of 5 stars 01/09/23 Full Review Audience Member Excellent in many fun ways! Love the guest casting like Mel Brooks as Uncle Phil. This ensemble works wonderfully with each other. They portray family/friend life so goofily. Look, these days, it's so difficult to find humor in current events. Watching Mad About You is a great escape. Rated 5 out of 5 stars 01/09/23 Full Review Next Post a review

      Season Info

      David Steinberg, Helen Hunt, Craig Knizek, Gordon Hunt, Michael Lembeck
      Executive Producer
      Danny Jacobson, Jeffrey Lane
      Victor Levin, Paul Reiser, Dean Young, Mary Connelly, Trish Soodik, Monica Piper, Susan Dickes, Jenna Bruce, Billy Grundfest, Steve Joe, Maria A. Brown, Sheila R. Lawrence, Greg Schaffer
      Original Language
      Release Date
      Sep 22, 1998
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