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      Season 1 – Party Down

      2009 Comedy List
      87% 30 Reviews Tomatometer 93% 100+ Ratings Audience Score While chasing dreams of stardom, six Hollywood wannabe actors and writers make ends meet by working for a posh Los Angeles catering company, which tackles a different event -- senior singles mixer, porn awards after party, a Super Sweet 16 bash -- in each episode. Read More Read Less Watch on Vudu Premiered Feb 13 Buy Now

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      Party Down — Season 1

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      Party Down — Season 1

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      Before shows about struggling actors were done to death, there was Party Down.

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      Episode 1 Aired Mar 20, 2009 Willow Canyon Homeowners Association Annual Party Henry returns to Party Down catering company; The Party Down team works a gathering for Gordon McSpadden. Details Episode 2 Aired Mar 27, 2009 California College Conservative Union Caucus The team works a conservative caucus where Arnold Schwarzenegger is the guest speaker; Ron offends Constance; Casey longs for Vermont. Details Episode 3 Aired Apr 3, 2009 Pepper McMasters Singles Seminar The team caters a senior singles mixer hosted by Pepper McMasters; Constance has an awkward encounter. Details Episode 4 Aired Apr 10, 2009 Investors Dinner The crew works a party for demanding Tony Carolla, but Ron's dreams of success threaten to ruin everything; Kyle hopes to emulate his new friend's lifestyle. Details Episode 5 Aired Apr 17, 2009 Sin Say Shun Awards After Party The team caters a porn awards after-party; Ron is "discovered" by a porn mogul; Kyle teaches Roman how to meet women. Details Episode 6 Aired Apr 24, 2009 Taylor Stiltskin Sweet 16 A Hollywood titan throws his daughter a sweet 16 party; Ron babysits; Henry runs into an old acting school friend. Details Episode 7 Aired May 1, 2009 Brandix Corporate Retreat When Casey strikes up a friendship with the sports star guest speaker it causes both Henry and Roman to be jealous. Details Episode 8 Aired May 8, 2009 Celebrate Ricky Sargulesh While the Party Down team's actors are being treated as stars at a party, they discover the host is actually a mobster and they think his screenplay might be a confession. Details Episode 9 Aired May 15, 2009 James Rolf High School Twentieth Reunion Ron caters his own reunion, and starts slipping back into his old habits; Henry considers moving back home, causing Casey to consider their 'casual' relationship. Details Episode 10 Aired May 22, 2009 Stennheiser/Pong Wedding Reception The team backs up the Adonis catering company; Ron falls back into his partying ways; Henry takes charge of the team. Details

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      Brad Newsome Sydney Morning Herald The scripts crackle with snark and putdowns, but there's a real tenderness beneath it all too. Jun 1, 2021 Full Review Naomi Fry New Yorker Even with its more foolish characters, the show makes a case-comical but still resonant-that underneath the ill-fitting button-down caterer's shirts and pink elastic-band bow ties are real people. Sep 18, 2019 Full Review Jeremy Medina Entertainment Weekly Because each episode will allow these characters to interact indifferent locations (along with a revolving door of supporting characters), it has room to amp up the ridiculousness. May 16, 2018 Full Review Eileen Jones The eXile Somehow these gifted Party Downers have combined utopian dreams with merciless satire, and not shorted either one. Oct 31, 2018 Full Review Brian Prisco Pajiba "Party Down" is the far superior series to that watered down and tarted up Dr. Katz. Jun 18, 2018 Full Review John Powers NPR's Fresh Air Like many shows, it took a few episodes to hit its stride. Now, the show is genuinely funny and filled with terrific writing. May 17, 2018 Full Review Read all reviews

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      Andrei D Tight, smart, and fun Rated 5 out of 5 stars 04/03/23 Full Review Sandye K I love this show the cast is great and the writers are great. I was left in TEARS for a solid 3 min with the prom episode KEN MARINO is hilarious... And Jane Lynch what a gem she is..All 3 seasons are definitely going on repeat for me .... need a 4th season Rated 5 out of 5 stars 03/30/23 Full Review Brian S Lizzy Caplin and Martin Starr are wasting their talent. Everyone else involved in this show should be doing catering instead of acting, writing, directing or producing television shows. And, any reviewer giving this boring, unfunny tripe more than a star should stop writing reviews. Rated 0.5 out of 5 stars 03/13/23 Full Review Corey W Boasting an all-star cast and some excellent comedic writing, Party Down tells the story of a catering company staffed with Hollywood hopefuls, each more delusional than the next. Each actor or writer despises their job as they believe it to be beneath them as they wait for their big breaks. Couple this with a Party Down team leader, played uproariously by Ken Marino, who takes the job way too seriously and you have a top-tier workplace comedy that barely feels like a workplace at all. Adam Scott and Lizzy Caplan are the heart of the show as the only two in the cast with any Hollywood promise. Their 'will they won't they' energy drives the little plot that the show contains, but when each episode is a different catering event a plot is of little necessity. Joined by the likes of Martin Starr, Jane Lynch, Kristen Bell, and Megan Mullaly, and so many more Party Down manages to generate a ton of laughs amid the chaos found at each private event. It manages two commentaries simultaneously: one about the misgivings of the Hollywood industry and one about the lavishness of the independently wealthy who reside in southern California. It all culminates in a sort of jealous frustration that fuels most of the comedy. When the cast don their trademark pink bowties viewers are in for a treat. Rated 4.5 out of 5 stars 02/22/23 Full Review Dee E Not funny at all...just really stupid and boring. Bad acting and terrible script seems like all the actors are reading from q-cards with one-liner stale jokes. Rated 0.5 out of 5 stars 01/28/23 Full Review Merick H Hilarious show! Great comedy! Rated 5 out of 5 stars 01/24/23 Full Review Read all reviews Post a review

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      Fred Savage
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      Mar 20, 2009