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      Season 1 – Peyton Place

      1964 Drama List
      Reviews Like the novel and film of the same name, this nighttime soap opera is set in the small New England town of Peyton Place, whose quaint charm masks a complicated web of extramarital affairs, shady business deals, scandals, even murder. Over the show's four-season run, relationships shatter and shift among the main characters, which include bookstore owner Constance McKenzie; Allison, her illegitimate daughter; Elliott Carson, Allison's father; Rodney Harrington, Allison's handsome and wealthy boyfriend; Norman, Rodney's hapless younger brother; the much-married Betty Anderson, a girl from the wrong side of the tracks; Dr. Michael Rossi, a handsome physician; and Steven Cord, a young lawyer with a past. Read More Read Less

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      Previous Episode 1 Aired Sep 15, 1964 Episode 1.1 Dr. Michael Rossi arrives in a small New England town. Rodney Harrington catches his father kissing his secretary. Details Episode 2 Aired Sep 17, 1964 Episode 1.2 Leslie Harrington and Julie Anderson's affair is having an effect on several others, Julie realizes that Rodney is avoiding her and Catherine is seething with anger. Details Episode 3 Aired Sep 22, 1964 Episode 1.3 Betty tells Dr. Rossi that she thinks that she might be pregnant. Details Episode 4 Aired Sep 24, 1964 Episode 1.4 After a visit with Dr. Rossi, Betty realizes that she must make a decision that could affect many of the residents of Peyton Place. Details Episode 5 Aired Sep 29, 1964 Episode 1.5 Dr. Rossi makes an emergency visit to the Anderson home after Julie's "fall down the stairs" and runs into Betty. Details Episode 6 Aired Oct 1, 1964 Episode 1.6 Allison is on a date with Rodney; Matthew urges Constance to tell Allison the truth about her father; Dr. Rossi has dinner with Laura. Details Episode 7 Aired Oct 6, 1964 Episode 1.7 Betty insists there is something she needs to tell Rodney, but he is more interested in his date with Allison. Betty accepts a ride home from Norman. Details Episode 8 Aired Oct 8, 1964 Episode 1.8 Rossi and Constance date; Rodney declares his love for Allison; Betty confides to her mother about her pregnancy. Details Episode 9 Aired Oct 13, 1964 Episode 1.9 Catherine Peyton Harrington takes ill at Sunday brunch and retires to her room, where she is attended to by Dr. Morton. Norman, Catherine's favored son, sits with her. At her mother's insistence, Betty telephones Rodney. Details Episode 10 Aired Oct 15, 1964 Episode 1.10 Betty plans to tell Rodney of her pregnancy at the Founders Day festival. She finds out about her mother and Leslie. Details Episode 11 Aired Oct 20, 1964 Episode 1.11 Rodney finally agrees to talk to Betty, they take a drive where she tells him of the pregnancy. He says he will marry her, but doesn't want to hear her admission of love. Details Episode 12 Aired Oct 22, 1964 Episode 1.12 Rodney and a badly injured Betty are rushed to Doctor's Hospital, where Rossi attends to the patients. Rodney confesses to his father that Betty is pregnant with his child. Details Episode 13 Aired Oct 27, 1964 Episode 1.13 Betty lost her baby as a result of the car accident. Julie insists that she must tell Rod of their loss. Leslie Harrington, unaware of the circumstances, offers Betty money to have the baby out of town and put it up for adoption. Details Episode 14 Aired Oct 29, 1964 Episode 1.14 Although Julie Anderson wanted her daughter to tell Rodney about the miscarriage, Betty plays out her deception and marries Rod before a Justice of the Peace in nearby White River. Details Episode 15 Aired Nov 5, 1964 Episode 1.15 Upon the newlyweds return to Peyton Place, Betty wastes no time in breaking the news to heartbroken Allison, who commiserates with Norman. Constance, upset over Allison's disappointment, rejects Rossi's invitation. Details Episode 16 Aired Nov 10, 1964 Episode 1.16 Betty attempts niceties with her new mother-in-law, but Catherine is perfectly cold toward her. Norman uses his mother's illness as an excuse for her rude behavior. Details Episode 17 Aired Nov 12, 1964 Episode 1.17 Suspicious of Betty's pregnancy, Catherine conspires with old friend Dr. Morton. Uncovering the truth about Betty's miscarriage, Morton confronts Rossi, who threatens to take the matter to the medical board if Morton reveals privileged information. Details Episode 18 Aired Nov 17, 1964 Episode 1.18 Eli Carson receives a special delivery letter and rushes to Dr. Rossi's office. He reveals that his son, who has been imprisoned for murdering his wife eighteen years ago, may soon be paroled. Details Episode 19 Aired Nov 19, 1964 Episode 1.19 With Dr. Morton away in Boston, Rossi attends to the ailing Catherine (Peyton) Harrington. Rossi takes her to the hospital for further tests. Morton calls Rossi at the hospital and insists the doctor await his return---since Catherine is his patient. Details Episode 20 Aired Nov 24, 1964 Episode 1.20 Believing that Catherine can't wait for Morton, Rossi begins surgery, but when Morton arrives he makes a big commotion. When Catherine dies, Morton vows to ruin Rossi. Details Episode 21 Aired Nov 26, 1964 Episode 1.21 Rodney confesses to Allison that his feelings haven't changed. Betty finally makes a full admission to an incredulous Rod regarding her deception about their baby. Details Episode 22 Aired Dec 1, 1964 Episode 1.22 Rodney shares the news of Betty's deception with his father, who insists on an immediate divorce. Betty goes off on a Boston shopping spree and returns to inform the Harringtons that she has seen a lawyer and there will be no forthcoming divorce. Details Episode 23 Aired Dec 3, 1964 Episode 1.23 Leslie offers to pay off Betty to divorce his son; Rossi's hospital privileges are suspended; Eli Carson is confident that his son will be paroled. Details Episode 24 Aired Dec 8, 1964 Episode 1.24 Rossi fights the charges against him; the Harrington family gathers for the reading of Catherine's will. Details Episode 25 Aired Dec 10, 1964 Episode 1.25 Catherine's will is read, but a Boston attorney arrives with a codicil that effectively disinherits Leslie. Details Episode 26 Aired Dec 15, 1964 Episode 1.26 Matthew Swain visits Elliot Carson; Rossi has questions about Dr. Bradley's performance; George takes out his frustrations on his wife. Details Episode 27 Aired Dec 17, 1964 Episode 1.27 More information comes to light about Dr. Bradley; Julie begs Leslie to reinstate George; George attacks Julie and she defends herself. Details Episode 28 Aired Dec 22, 1964 Episode 1.28 Dr. Rossi is summoned to the Anderson home; Betty blames her mother for the state of her marriage; Bradley admits to Morton he lied about the autopsy. Details Episode 29 Aired Dec 24, 1964 Episode 1.29 Legal and medical battles intersect as Leslie argues for Catherine to be declared incompetent at the time of the codicil and Morton shows Rossi the signed statement clearing him of malpractice. Details Episode 30 Aired Dec 29, 1964 Episode 1.30 Julie asks George for a divorce, but he refuses; Connie wants Allison to go away for college; Elliot's parole hearing begins. Details Episode 31 Aired Dec 31, 1964 Episode 1.31 Betty encounters her drunken father, who treats her with the same anger he uses on her mother. She realizes there is no love in her own marriage and boards a bus to leave Peyton Place. Details Episode 32 Aired Jan 5, 1965 Episode 1.32 Elliot is paroled and returns to Peyton Place. Leslie tracks down Betty with the help of a PI. Rodney can't answer his father when asked if he wants to divorce her, and he is rejected by Allison for being negligent to his wife. Details Episode 33 Aired Jan 7, 1965 Episode 1.33 Betty phones Julie to let her know she is safe in NYC. George runs into Elliot and they reminisce about their time in the war. George becomes suicidal. Details Episode 34 Aired Jan 12, 1965 Episode 1.34 Mr. King calls for help when he finds George with a gun. Julie, Rossi, and Elliot arrive to help. Elliot talks to George about war stories until he can subdue George. Details Episode 35 Aired Jan 14, 1965 Episode 1.35 Elliot meets Allison the Book Gallery, where they discuss their love of writing. Laura resigns and decides to take a trip around the world. Details Episode 36 Aired Jan 19, 1965 Episode 1.36 Betty tries to build a new life in NYC, but finds it difficult. Rodney tries again with Allison, but she brushes him off. Elliot and Allison meet at the library. Details Episode 37 Aired Jan 21, 1965 Episode 1.37 Dr. Rossi offers Julie a job as his secretary; Betty's new friend Sharon tells her to "get smart"; Elliot continues to encounter resistance. Details Episode 38 Aired Jan 26, 1965 Episode 1.38 Elliot runs into his former brother-in-law, Paul; Paul has returned to teach at Peyton College; and happens to be one of Allison's professors. Details Episode 39 Aired Jan 28, 1965 Episode 1.39 Sharon sets Betty up on a blind date; Eli needs a gall bladder operation; Allison is interested in the Elizabeth Carson murder. Details Episode 40 Aired Feb 2, 1965 Episode 1.40 Betty's date with Roy does not go as planned; Leslie receives a note to call his PI in NY; Connie and Rossi disagree over her possessiveness of Allison. Details Episode 41 Aired Feb 4, 1965 Episode 1.41 Constance faces a startling fact; Rodney takes a stand for independence; Betty decides that she will return home. Details Episode 42 Aired Feb 9, 1965 Episode 1.42 Rodney visits Betty at the Anderson home; Rossi takes Betty to visit her father; Connie admits to Elliot that she met Rossi at the hospital where she gave birth to Allison. Details Episode 43 Aired Feb 11, 1965 Episode 1.43 Betty meets Leslie and agrees to annul her marriage if he pays for George's medical bills; Elliot asks Connie about her feelings; Allison gets a package from a secret admirer. Details Episode 44 Aired Feb 16, 1965 Episode 1.44 Betty and Allison meet at the soda fountain; Paul confronts Calvin about making him lie; Matt informs Leslie the Mill reverts to Martin Peyton's ownership. Details Episode 45 Aired Feb 18, 1965 Episode 1.45 Leslie gives Rodney the PI's report; he rips it up. Allison wants to go on a fieldtrip to NYC, but Connie refuses to sign the permission slip. Details Episode 46 Aired Feb 23, 1965 Episode 1.46 Elliot tells Eli that Allison is his granddaughter as he departs for Florida. Martin Peyton's lawyer questions Elliot about Elizabeth's lover. Details Episode 47 Aired Feb 25, 1965 Episode 1.47 Julie is apprehensive when the sanitarium psychiatrist suggests George have a trial visit to Peyton Place. Elliot informs Dr. Rossi that he intends to take possession of the cottage again. Details Episode 48 Aired Mar 2, 1965 Episode 1.48 Elliot tells Calvin that he knows Elizabeth was seeing Leslie when she was murdered. Later, Calvin visits Leslie, who admits that Catherine wrote a letter to Martin Peyton that detailed Leslie's affair with Elizabeth. Details Episode 49 Aired Mar 4, 1965 Episode 1.49 Betty and Rodney's marriage is annulled. Paul finds a trunk hidden in the closet. Rossi suggests Betty train as a Nurse's Aid. Details Episode 50 Aired Mar 9, 1965 Episode 1.50 Paul finds a diary in Calvin's trunk and secretly leaves it in Elliot's cottage. Elliot discovers the diary wrapped in an 18 year-old newspaper announcing the murder of Elizabeth Hanley Carson. Details Episode 51 Aired Mar 11, 1965 Episode 1.51 Elliot admits to Leslie's attorney that he has a copy of Elizabeth's diary and can prove she and Leslie were having an affair. Julie and Betty worry about George's trial visit. Details Episode 52 Aired Mar 16, 1965 Episode 1.52 Leslie warns Constance he'll expose Elliot as Allison's father if Connie doesn't persuade Elliot into not using Elizabeth's diary against him. Details Episode 53 Aired Mar 18, 1965 Episode 1.53 Leslie gives Constance one day to hand over Elizabeth's diary or he'll expose Allison's true parentage. Allison interrupts Connie, who is attempting to contact Elliot with news of Leslie's blackmail. Details Episode 54 Aired Mar 23, 1965 Episode 1.54 Julie and Betty nervously welcome George home; Elliot agrees to not use the diary if Leslie stays away from Connie and Allison. Details Episode 55 Aired Mar 25, 1965 Episode 1.55 Rodney assures Leslie that he will deal with the person who spiked Norman's drink at the Shoreline. Nurse Choate and Betty spar again at the hospital. Details Episode 56 Aired Mar 30, 1965 Episode 1.56 Paul accuses Leslie of murder. Norman asks Rita out on a date. Betty tells Paul about her father and Leslie's rivalry. Details Episode 57 Aired Apr 1, 1965 Episode 1.57 Elliot is served with a subpoena, ordering him to produce the diary at Leslie's court hearing. George offers to repay Leslie, but is furious when he finds that it was paid for by the annulment. Details Episode 58 Aired Apr 6, 1965 Episode 1.58 Paul goads George into getting drunk at Ada's Tavern and informs him that Leslie has chased after many married women. Martin Peyton is interviewing for Leslie's replacement. Details Episode 59 Aired Apr 8, 1965 Episode 1.59 George breaks into the mansion, wrestles a gun away from Leslie, and demands he write a confession to Elizabeth's murder. Elliot arrives at the mansion and is accidentally shot while attempting to save Leslie from being killed by George. Details Episode 60 Aired Apr 13, 1965 Episode 1.60 Rossi and Dr. Morton fight to save Elliot's life. Leslie reveals that he has decided to leave Peyton Place. Paul tells Allison about the shooting at the Harrington mansion. Rossi and Dr. Morton worry about a bullet fragment lodged in Elliot's aorta. Details Episode 61 Aired Apr 15, 1965 Episode 1.61 Rodney and Norman question why George would want to kill Leslie. George has been reconfined to Greenvale Sanitarium. Matt insists Eli be contacted in Florida with the news of Elliot's condition. Elliot awakens and is told that he'll survive. Details Episode 62 Aired Apr 20, 1965 Episode 1.62 Leslie offers to pay Elliot's medical bills in gratitude, but Elliot states that he only wants his good name back. Leslie promises to clear Elliot of Elizabeth's murder. Details Episode 63 Aired Apr 20, 1965 Episode 1.63 Constance tells Allison that Elliot Carson is her natural father and reveals the story of her conception. Leslie assures Julie that he isn't guilty of murdering Elizabeth. Allison turns to Paul after rejecting Connie as a liar. Details Episode 64 Aired Apr 20, 1965 Episode 1.64 Allison vows to never speak again to Constance if Elliot doesn't survive the surgery. Allison rejects Connie and goes home with Betty. Rodney accuses Paul of goading George into attempting to kill Leslie. Details Episode 65 Aired Apr 22, 1965 Episode 1.65 When Rodney demands to know the truth about Elizabeth Carson's murder, Leslie finally confesses that Catherine murdered her in a jealous rage when she discovered that he and Elizabeth were lovers. Details Episode 66 Aired May 4, 1965 Episode 1.66 Leslie plans to leave for Boston to clear Elliot's name. Allison tells Elliot she will be changing her last name to Carson. Details Episode 67 Aired May 6, 1965 Episode 1.67 Paul is angry that Matt published a story that clears Leslie of murdering Elizabeth. Norman reads Matt's story and tells Rodney never to mention their mother's name again when Rodney insists she was mentally unbalanced. Details Episode 68 Aired May 11, 1965 Episode 1.68 Elliot proposes a future with Connie; Paul admits he hurts people in his life; Allison asks Matt why he never told her about her father. Details Episode 69 Aired May 13, 1965 Episode 1.69 Eli returns from Florida for the wedding of Elliot and Constance. Rodney welcomes David, Doris, and Kim Schuster to the mansion after David takes over Leslie's position at Peyton Mill. Details Episode 70 Aired May 18, 1965 Episode 1.70 Elliot and Constance are married by Reverend Jerry Bedford, in a standing room only ceremony. Reverend Bedford demonstrates an interest in Betty. The Schuster family moves into the Harrington mansion. Details Episode 71 Aired May 20, 1965 Episode 1.71 Connie and Elliot leave Peyton Place for their honeymoon. Allison meets Doris and Kim Schuster, who stop by the bookstore. Details Episode 72 Aired May 25, 1965 Episode 1.72 Doris finds the bell Kim stole from Connie's bookstore. At Doctor's Hospital, young Reverend Jerry Bedford flirts with Betty. Allison meets David Schuster, who returns the bell Kim stole. Details Episode 73 Aired May 27, 1965 Episode 1.73 David reveals that Kim's teacher Amy Warren has refused to move to Peyton Place. Kim secretly watches her parents' conversation, and when Doris states that they consider sending Kim to a special school for the deaf, Kim slips out of the mansion. Details Episode 74 Aired Jun 1, 1965 Episode 1.74 Rita and Allison discuss Norman at the housewarming party, and Allison leaves when Rita admits she feels intimidated. Allison spies Kim hiding on the wharf, and hears Kim speak "I hate you, Mommy" to a doll. Details Episode 75 Aired Jun 3, 1965 Episode 1.75 Rodney and Allison find the runaway, Kim. They bring her home to the mansion, but Kim hugs Allison instead of her mother, angering Doris. Details Episode 76 Aired Jun 8, 1965 Episode 1.76 The Schusters ask Allison to babysit Kim, but she declines. Connie and Elliot return from their honeymoon. Details Episode 77 Aired Jun 10, 1965 Episode 1.77 Allison skips dinner with her parents; Rossi and Betty tend to a pregnant girl who used to double date with Betty and Rodney. Details Episode 78 Aired Jun 15, 1965 Episode 1.78 Allison prevents Kim from running away, and hears her speak. Steven meets Theodore Dowell and presents him with a letter of recommendation from Martin Peyton. Details Episode 79 Aired Jun 17, 1965 Episode 1.79 Allison introduces David to her parents, Elliot takes an immediate dislike to him. Claire delivers a baby. Details Episode 80 Aired Jun 22, 1965 Episode 1.80 Allison reveals to Connie and Elliot that the Schusters would like for her to care for Kim. Rodney and Betty are deeply affected by the arrival of the Sinclair baby, missing what they could have had. Details Episode 81 Aired Jun 24, 1965 Episode 1.81 David plans to lay off mill workers; Elliot gifts Allison with a family heirloom; Julie can't divorce George until he in mentally competent. Details Episode 82 Aired Jun 25, 1965 Episode 1.82 Julie agrees to consider David's job offer; Betty allows the Reverend to drive her home after an altercation with Choate. Details Episode 83 Aired Jun 29, 1965 Episode 1.83 Doris sides with Kim when Allison attempts to discipline the child, but David gives Allison permission to treat Kim as she would any other unruly youngster. He offers to hire Allison part-time as Kim's nanny. Details Episode 84 Aired Jul 1, 1965 Episode 1.84 Betty reports on her date with the Reverend to Julie; Rossi moves back into Elliot's cottage; Ada finds Rita studying and questions her motives. Details Episode 85 Aired Jul 2, 1965 Episode 1.85 Elliot invites Rodney into the house for coffee and cake after his date with Allison, then tells Constance that everytime he looks at Rodney, he sees Leslie. Julie tenders her resignation to Rossi after deciding to accept David's offer. Details Episode 86 Aired Jul 6, 1965 Episode 1.86 Betty reluctantly apologizes to Miss Choate for being insubordinate. Dr. Morton interrogates Rossi about his feelings for Claire. Rodney stops by the mansion while Allison is tending to Kim. The three happily play hide-and-seek. Details Episode 87 Aired Jul 8, 1965 Episode 1.87 Kim is nearly hit by a car while crossing the town square with Doris; David offers Rodney a job; Joe is harassing Rita. Details Episode 88 Aired Jul 9, 1965 Episode 1.88 Norman warns Joe to stay away from Rita, a big storm is coming to Peyton Place; Allison and Doris head to the wharf for icecream. Details Episode 89 Aired Jul 13, 1965 Episode 1.89 Elliot rescues Rita from Joe, who tries to force her into his car. After Elliot wrestles with him, Joe flees. Rita tells Elliot not to call the police and admits that Norman has already threatened to kill him. Details Episode 90 Aired Jul 15, 1965 Episode 1.90 In Boston, Steven declares to Hannah that one day the House of Peyton will be theirs. Norman tries to soothe Rita, who is still shaking from the attack by Joe. Details Episode 91 Aired Jul 16, 1965 Episode 1.91 Constance is relieved when Allison arrives home after the storm, but wonders what happened to Elliot, who is at the hospital donating blood for the crash victims. Details Episode 92 Aired Jul 20, 1965 Episode 1.92 Elliot learns that last night wasn't the first time Joe Chernak harassed Rita and ignores Connie's request that he leave it to the police. Claire and Vincent have a strained conversation at the hospital. Steven continues to pursue Betty. Details Episode 93 Aired Jul 22, 1965 Episode 1.93 Allison and Kim go to a playground where she is taunted. Rita models a new dress. Vincent hopes funding comes through. Details Episode 94 Aired Jul 23, 1965 Episode 1.94 Allison and Norman graduate high school. Rita is abducted by Joe on her way to Norman's prom. Rossi forces Vincent to stay in the hospital pending test results. Details Episode 95 Aired Jul 27, 1965 Episode 1.95 Ada senses something is terribly wrong when Rita arrives home in disarray with the wrinkled prom dress, but Rita insists she's fine. Rossi tries to convince Vincent to get treatment or he will die. Details Episode 96 Aired Jul 29, 1965 Episode 1.96 Rita is distant at the prom; Betty and Steven are "two of a kind"; Rodney invite Allison back to his apartment for a late night breakfast. Details Episode 97 Aired Jul 30, 1965 Episode 1.97 Julie questions Betty about both Steven and Reverend Bedford. Kim awakes out of her sleep with a scream. David is worried and decides to call her old teacher from New York City, but Doris stops him. Meanwhile, Kim falls down the stairs. Details Episode 98 Aired Aug 3, 1965 Episode 1.98 Rossi makes a house call for Kim and tells her parents she is fine and faking her pain. Rita deals with the aftermath of the prom. Details Episode 99 Aired Aug 5, 1965 Episode 1.99 Allison comes over to the Schuster home, but Doris makes clear she doesn't want Allison to spend time with Kim anymore, so Doris herself can bond with her daughter. Kim gets upset and holds on to Allison. Details Episode 100 Aired Aug 10, 1965 Episode 1.100 Julie questions David why he compares himself to Leslie. Rod interrupts, accepting a summer job at the office. Meanwhile, Norman demands to know what really happened to Rita when he brought her home, but Elliot responds Norman is imagining things. Details Episode 101 Aired Aug 12, 1965 Episode 1.101 David is mad at Doris for firing Allison; Ada confronts Rita about her emotional behavior; Rodney takes the summer job at the mill. Details Episode 102 Aired Aug 13, 1965 Episode 1.102 Kenneth gives Vincent money for medical care, but Vincent thinks it's a trap and declines it. Steven admits to David he and Theodore aren't good partners. Ada tells Dr. Rossi she is worried about Rita. Details Episode 103 Aired Aug 17, 1965 Episode 1.103 Steven invites Betty for dinner at the former Harrington house. Matt tells Allison he is going to leave Peyton Place as soon as he finds a replacement for the newspaper. Details Episode 104 Aired Aug 19, 1965 Episode 1.104 Rita tells Norman she doesn't want to break up with him. Eli is shocked when he finds out Elliot will take over the newspaper, afraid his son will get hurt. Mike admits to Claire it is the wrong time to divorce Vincent. Details Episode 105 Aired Aug 20, 1965 Episode 1.105 Elliot's article is a criticism of David, which causes an uproar. Mike questions Connie about Rita. Vincent decides to take Kenneth's money. Details Episode 106 Aired Aug 24, 1965 Episode 1.106 Elliot sees David talking to Allison and is confronted with his article. Vincent decides to return to Peru. Norman gets a job at the wharf. Details Episode 107 Aired Aug 26, 1965 Episode 1.107 Eli has no trust in his son being able to run The Clarion, the local newspaper. Allison and Rod are looking for Norman and Rita for their double date, but Norman is nowhere to be found since his fight with Joe. Betty is on a date with Steven. Details Episode 108 Aired Aug 27, 1965 Episode 1.108 Allison and Rodney picnic at the beach, Rita admits to the kiss to Norman. Joe loses his temper with his mother. Details Episode 109 Aired Aug 31, 1965 Episode 1.109 Jealousy splits Norman and Rita; Claire announces she is going to Peru with Vincent; Doris refuses to hire Allison back. Details Episode 110 Aired Sep 2, 1965 Episode 1.110 Connie and Doris first meet. Doris begs Allison to babysit Kim tonight. Elliot is talking to Matt about how to take over The Clarion. Dr. Rossi hands over Kenneth's $10,000 check to Dr. Morton. Details Episode 111 Aired Sep 3, 1965 Episode 1.111 Rodney asks Stella where Joe is and admits Joe beat up Norman. Dr. Rossi tries medicate Gus, but Stella responds he is away. Jerry encounters Betty and questions her about Steven, but she is very distant to him. Details Episode 112 Aired Sep 7, 1965 Episode 1.112 Joe asks Stella to run away with him; Norman decides he is going to move to Canada; Allison takes Kim to the library, Kim runs away. Details Episode 113 Aired Sep 9, 1965 Episode 1.112 Kim watches Joe die and runs away. Rod calls the hospital. Betty answers and notices it's Rod on the line. Two fishermen find Joe's body. Allison and Norman look for Kim and find her shaky and crying. Details Episode 114 Aired Sep 10, 1965 Episode 1.114 Allison admits to Doris and David Kim ran away. They are worried, because Kim can't stop crying. Sgt. Edward Goddard questions Rita about Joe's death. Dr. Rossi arrives at the tavern for Stella, but she refuses his help. Details Next
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