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      Season 3 – Peyton Place

      1966 Drama List
      Reviews Like the novel and film of the same name, this nighttime soap opera is set in the small New England town of Peyton Place, whose quaint charm masks a complicated web of extramarital affairs, shady business deals, scandals, even murder. Over the show's four-season run, relationships shatter and shift among the main characters, which include bookstore owner Constance McKenzie; Allison, her illegitimate daughter; Elliott Carson, Allison's father; Rodney Harrington, Allison's handsome and wealthy boyfriend; Norman, Rodney's hapless younger brother; the much-married Betty Anderson, a girl from the wrong side of the tracks; Dr. Michael Rossi, a handsome physician; and Steven Cord, a young lawyer with a past. Read More Read Less

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      Previous Episode 1 Aired Sep 12, 1966 Hannah burns the trunk's contents; Constance's baby is due. Details Episode 2 Aired undefined Elliot races back from New York; Norman and Rita quarrel. Details Episode 3 Aired undefined Constance and Elliot's baby arrives. Details Episode 4 Aired undefined Peyton orders Hannah to tell Steven she is leaving. Details Episode 5 Aired undefined John questions Rossi about Ann and Steven. Details Episode 6 Aired undefined Rossi is the first prosecution witness. Details Episode 7 Aired undefined A witness returns; Rita asks Constance for a job. Details Episode 8 Aired undefined Steven and John meet regarding Lee's hearing. Details Episode 9 Aired undefined Lee vows revenge; Norman and Rita go camping. Details Episode 10 Aired undefined A girl attacks Rossi; Sandy visits Rodney. Details Episode 11 Aired undefined Chris testifies at Lee's hearing. Details Episode 12 Aired undefined Elliot and Rossi clash; a phone call disturbs Constance. Details Episode 13 Aired undefined Rodney and Rossi search for the truth about Allison. Details Episode 14 Aired undefined Hannah tries to keep Martin from testifying. Details Episode 15 Aired undefined Fowler refuses Rodney's request; Rachel is enraged. Details Episode 16 Aired undefined Rodney has a surprise visitor; Constance and Lee clash. Details Episode 17 Aired undefined Rachel seeks friendship; Steven refuses to help Rossi. Details Episode 18 Aired undefined Rodney takes Rachel to the police; Betty and Sandy clash. Details Episode 19 Aired undefined Rachel is released; Rodney blames himself. Details Episode 20 Aired undefined Steven confides his plans to Betty. Details Episode 21 Aired undefined Rossi must determine Martin's fitness to testify. Details Episode 22 Aired undefined A farmer wants to take Rachel away. Details Episode 23 Aired undefined Rossi moves against Chandler; Steven threatens his mother. Details Episode 24 Aired undefined Rossi and Constance seek clues about Allison; Lee and Steven clash. Details Episode 25 Aired undefined Rachel confronts Chandler about Allison's bracelet. Details Episode 26 Aired undefined Hannah drops a bombshell in court. Details Episode 27 Aired undefined Steven learns his parents' true identity; Lee triumphs. Details Episode 28 Aired undefined Rossi and Peyton visit Catherine's grave; Betty and Steven clash. Details Episode 29 Aired undefined Hannah's testimony has grave consequences. Details Episode 30 Aired undefined Steven's career is in jeopardy; Rodney distrusts Chandler. Details Episode 31 Aired undefined The judge delivers a verdict; Peyton vows revenge. Details Episode 32 Aired undefined Lee returns; Constance and Rachel shop. Details Episode 33 Aired undefined Lee confronts Rodney; Norman ignores his grandfather. Details Episode 34 Aired undefined Hannah prepares to leave; Constance and Elliot ask Rossi for advice. Details Episode 35 Aired undefined A fire affects many; Steven saves a life. Details Episode 36 Aired undefined Steven and Betty decide about the Peyton house. Details Episode 37 Aired undefined Rachel starts a new job; Sandy confronts Rodney. Details Episode 38 Aired undefined Peyton offers Betty a job; Lee and Norman clash. Details Episode 39 Aired undefined Norman creates a scene at Ada's tavern. Details Episode 40 Aired undefined Rodney and Chandler meet; Rodney confronts Peyton. Details Episode 41 Aired undefined Ada confides in Steven; Rodney moves from the Peyton house. Details Episode 42 Aired undefined Steven and Lee clash over a missing gun. Details Episode 43 Aired undefined Rachel receives a mysterious call; Rodney threatens Jack. Details Episode 44 Aired undefined Chris sets a trap for Lee, but catches someone else. Details Episode 45 Aired undefined Constance plans a christening. Details Episode 46 Aired undefined Steven avoids the Webbers; Rodney and Rachel dine together. Details Episode 47 Aired undefined Rossi brings Rachel a gift; Chandler visits Leslie. Details Episode 48 Aired undefined Rita has a physical examination; Rodney talks with Sandy. Details Episode 49 Aired undefined Rachel lies to Elliot; Betty and Peyton plan to surprise Steven. Details Episode 50 Aired undefined Peyton backs Steven for public office. Details Episode 51 Aired undefined Rachel leaves the Carsons; Leslie confronts Rodney. Details Episode 52 Aired undefined Constance criticizes Elliot; Peyton hires Lee as chauffeur. Details Episode 53 Aired undefined Norman clashes with his father; someone follows Rachel. Details Episode 54 Aired undefined Ada advises Rodney; Elliot searches a farmhouse. Details Episode 55 Aired undefined Jack Chandler disappears; Betty gives in to Martin. Details Episode 56 Aired undefined Norman fears for Rita's health; Chandler returns. Details Episode 57 Aired undefined Peyton changes his will; Rossi urges Rachel to go back to school. Details Episode 58 Aired undefined Peyton announces his new will; Chandler spies on Rachel. Details Episode 59 Aired undefined Eli and Elliot investigate Chandler; Rossi and Peyton clash. Details Episode 60 Aired undefined Peyton and Leslie Harrington argue about Peyton's will. Details Episode 61 Aired undefined Rachel spies on Chandler; Elliot rebuffs Lee Webber. Details Episode 62 Aired undefined Rita fears for her life; Harrington and Betty plot to steal Peyton's will. Details Episode 63 Aired undefined Harrington blackmails Betty; Constance and Elliot clash. Details Episode 64 Aired undefined Betty steals Peyton's will; Chandler plans a trip. Details Episode 65 Aired undefined Rita collapses; Steven learns of Betty's conspiracy with Harrington. Details Episode 66 Aired undefined Betty lies to Steven; Rita is in hospital. Details Episode 67 Aired undefined Rachel tells Elliot about Allison's bracelet; Betty faces Peyton. Details Episode 68 Aired undefined Elliot and Chandler fight; Betty and Peyton clash. Details Episode 69 Aired undefined Chandler threatens the Carsons; Elliot is in jail. Details Episode 70 Aired undefined Elliot searches Chandler's room for evidence; Rita is ordered to bed. Details Episode 71 Aired undefined Betty and Rodney clash; Peyton sends for Harrington. Details Episode 72 Aired undefined Rachel refuses help; Norman refuses help; Harrington schemes. Details Episode 73 Aired undefined Elliot discovers Chandler's prison record; Steven receives a report. Details Episode 74 Aired undefined A detective's report about Betty enfuriates Steven. Details Episode 75 Aired undefined Chandler and Harrington meet secretly; Steven charges political blackmail. Details Episode 76 Aired undefined Betty reveals provisions of Peyton's will; Chandler lurks outside the Carsons' house. Details Episode 77 Aired undefined Chandlers are offered police protection; Chandler seeks Lee's help. Details Episode 78 Aired undefined Steven begins his counter-attack; police question Lee. Details Episode 79 Aired undefined Chandler leaves a phony message for Rachel; Rossi and Rodney clash. Details Episode 80 Aired undefined Rachel is kidnapped; Rodney and Norman discuss Peyton's will. Details Episode 81 Aired undefined Chandler threatens to reveal what he knows about Allison's disappearance. Details Episode 82 Aired undefined Police search the farmhouse; Peyton goes to New York. Details Episode 83 Aired undefined Rodney and Norman confront Steven. Details Episode 84 Aired undefined Peyton takes a bracelet to Boston; Rossi mediates between the Carsons and Rachel. Details Episode 85 Aired undefined Rachel and Matthew are missing; Leslie Harrington visits Ada. Details Episode 86 Aired undefined Police capture Chandler. Details Episode 87 Aired undefined Rachel admits her past; Rita calls the hospital. Details Episode 88 Aired undefined Peyton has a house guest; Harrington visits Chandler in jail. Details Episode 89 Aired undefined Rita is pregnant; Chandler sends for Lee; Adrienne upsets Steven. Details Episode 90 Aired undefined Chandler escapes; Steven and Adrienne clash. Details Episode 91 Aired undefined Norman gets a job through blackmail; Rita confides in Constance. Details Episode 92 Aired undefined Dr. Rossi and Adrienne clash; Elliot questions Lee. Details Episode 93 Aired undefined Adrienne visits Steven; Peyton questions Harrington about Chandler. Details Episode 94 Aired undefined Elliot receives Chandler's escape weapon; Adrienne wants out of her agreement with Peyton. Details Episode 95 Aired undefined Adrienne seeks accord with Dr. Rossi; Betty accuses Peyton. Details Episode 96 Aired undefined Ada's husband, Eddie Jacks, returns after 18 years. Details Episode 97 Aired undefined Peyton announces his engagement to Adrienne. Details Episode 98 Aired undefined Adrienne and Betty quarrel over Steven; Eddie Jacks visits Leslie. Details Episode 99 Aired undefined Adrienne meets Steven at the beach; Ada asks Rossi's help. Details Episode 100 Aired undefined Rita meets her father, Eddie Jacks. Details Episode 101 Aired Sep 4, 1967 Steven is attracted to Adrienne; Elliot helps Eddie in his job search. Details Next
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      Sep 12, 1966
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