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      Season 4 – Peyton Place

      1967 Drama List
      Reviews Like the novel and film of the same name, this nighttime soap opera is set in the small New England town of Peyton Place, whose quaint charm masks a complicated web of extramarital affairs, shady business deals, scandals, even murder. Over the show's four-season run, relationships shatter and shift among the main characters, which include bookstore owner Constance McKenzie; Allison, her illegitimate daughter; Elliott Carson, Allison's father; Rodney Harrington, Allison's handsome and wealthy boyfriend; Norman, Rodney's hapless younger brother; the much-married Betty Anderson, a girl from the wrong side of the tracks; Dr. Michael Rossi, a handsome physician; and Steven Cord, a young lawyer with a past. Read More Read Less

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      Episode 1 Aired Sep 11, 1967 Betty confides her marital woes to Rodney; Rossi questions Peyton's motives for marriage. Details Episode 2 Aired undefined Rodney confronts Steven about Betty and Adrienne. Details Episode 3 Aired undefined Rossi doubts Dr. Van Leyden's death was a suicide. Details Episode 4 Aired undefined Adrienne and Steven rendezvous in Boston; Elliot advises Ada. Details Episode 5 Aired undefined Betty sees Steven and Adrienne together in Boston; Ada hires Eddie. Details Episode 6 Aired undefined Adrienne has regrets; Betty confronts Steven. Details Episode 7 Aired undefined Betty moves to the Inn; Adrienne calls on Betty. Details Episode 8 Aired undefined Elliot learns of Eddie's secret meetings with Harrington. Details Episode 9 Aired undefined Rachel's health improves; Ada and Elliot disagree over Eddie. Details Episode 10 Aired undefined Steven begs Betty to take him back; Rita and Norman argue about Eddie. Details Episode 11 Aired undefined Peyton tries to stop Adrienne from leaving. Details Episode 12 Aired undefined Rodney comforts Betty; Eddie reveals Adrienne's past to Steven. Details Episode 13 Aired undefined Steven seeks an incompetency hearing against Peyton; Betty sues for divorce. Details Episode 14 Aired undefined Betty and Rodney meet secretly; Adrienne accuses Peyton of avoiding her. Details Episode 15 Aired undefined Adrienne takes the stand at Peyton's incompetency hearing. Details Episode 16 Aired undefined Leslie Harrington pays Eddie Jacks $50,000; Rita wants a son. Details Episode 17 Aired undefined Steven is attracted to Adrienne; Peyton asks Lee to spy on Eddie; Norman has a cracked rib. Details Episode 18 Aired undefined Eddie and Lee scheme to outmaneuver each other; Betty waits for Rodney; Adrienne visits Steven. Details Episode 19 Aired undefined Harrington pressures Eddie; Steven seeks Adrienne's consolation. Details Episode 20 Aired undefined Adrienne wants Steven to save her from a loveless marriage to Peyton. Details Episode 21 Aired undefined Lee saves Peyton's life; Adrienne tells Steven about the letter. Details Episode 22 Aired undefined Betty and Steven sign a property settlement; Harrington panics. Details Episode 23 Aired undefined Tension mounts before the wedding; Eddie fakes illness. Details Episode 24 Aired undefined An argument ends in tragedy; Steven gets drunk; Leslie phones Ada. Details Episode 25 Aired undefined Rita collapses; Eddie says he's innocent; the baby falters. Details Episode 26 Aired undefined Betty lies about Adrienne's death; Rossi sends Rita to bed. Details Episode 27 Aired undefined Eddie confesses; a lie traps Norman and Ada; Betty quizzes Elliot. Details Episode 28 Aired undefined Leslie bails out Eddie; Peyton hushes Betty; Rita is reassured. Details Episode 29 Aired undefined Betty collapses at the funeral; Rossi reads Van Leydon's letter. Details Episode 30 Aired undefined A murder plan begins; Eddie sends Steven after the dark-haired girl. Details Episode 31 Aired undefined Betty confesses; Eddie is ousted; violence erupts at the mill. Details Episode 32 Aired undefined Gunfire sounds at the mill and Peyton house. Details Episode 33 Aired undefined Harrington confronts Eddie; Rodney questions his father. Details Episode 34 Aired undefined Peyton leaves for Boson; Betty talks to the police. Details Episode 35 Aired undefined Romance blooms for Rodney; Rossi tells Steven about Peyton. Details Episode 36 Aired undefined Sandy Webber visits; Eli gets Jill a room; Betty and Rodney ski. Details Episode 37 Aired undefined Eddit buys Rita a gift; Jill seeks a job. Details Episode 38 Aired undefined Norman confronts Eddie; Jill causes trouble. Details Episode 39 Aired undefined Rossi needs help to save Rita; Steven and Rodney fight. Details Episode 40 Aired undefined Norman agrees to Rita's heart surgery; Jill upsets Constance. Details Episode 41 Aired undefined Jill drops a bombshell on Steven; Betty comforts Rodney. Details Episode 42 Aired undefined Rita miscarries; Steven tells Constance about Jill. Details Episode 43 Aired undefined Elliot and Constance questions Jill's story. Details Episode 44 Aired undefined Steven seeks Kelly's birth certificate; Betty chides Norman. Details Episode 45 Aired undefined Jill glimpses Joe Rossi; Ada knows Eddie lied. Details Episode 46 Aired undefined Elliot accuses Rodney of knowing Allison was pregnant. Details Episode 47 Aired undefined Rodney wants a blood test; Joe says Jill is the mother. Details Episode 48 Aired undefined The birth certificate arives; Steven taunts Rodney. Details Episode 49 Aired undefined Rossi demands answers from Joe; Rodney and Elliot argue. Details Episode 50 Aired undefined Norman asks Joe not to leave; Steven wants custody. Details Episode 51 Aired undefined Norman and Joe crash; Rita has a nighmare. Details Episode 52 Aired undefined Norman asks Winter for help; Elliot and Constance get custody. Details Episode 53 Aired undefined Rossi warns Jill away; Eddie investigates Rita and Joe Chernak. Details Episode 54 Aired undefined Norman questions Rita; Betty wants a house; Susan Winter visits Rossi. Details Episode 55 Aired undefined Susan taunts Winter; Joe barges in on Jill; Eddie fumes. Details Episode 56 Aired undefined Joe confesses to Rossi; Rita confesses to Winter; Eddie explodes. Details Episode 57 Aired undefined Joe resents Jill's brush-off; Susan drinks. Details Episode 58 Aired undefined Rita vanishes; Betty shops for a ring; Winter rebuffs Susan. Details Episode 59 Aired undefined A fight ensues on the wharf; Joe Rossi upsets the Carsons. Details Episode 60 Aired undefined Rodney and Betty plan to wed; Elliot argues with Dr. Rossi. Details Episode 61 Aired undefined The Carsons give up baby Kelly; Rita asks Eddie not to press charges. Details Episode 62 Aired undefined Tom and Susan bicker; Jill gets Kelly back. Details Episode 63 Aired undefined Founders Festival depresses Betty; Carolyn visits the wharf with Joe. Details Episode 64 Aired undefined Jill applies for a job with the Rev. Winter; Elliot and Constance discuss change. Details Episode 65 Aired undefined Marsha hides reasons for her divorce; Rodney invites the Carsons to the wedding. Details Episode 66 Aired undefined The Carsons leave; Carolyn argues with her mother; Susan mocks Winter. Details Episode 67 Aired undefined A surprise wedding guest arrives; Harrington is shocked; Rossi needles Winter. Details Episode 68 Aired undefined Betty and Rodney marry; Steven is warned; Marsha and Carolyn seek help. Details Episode 69 Aired undefined Susan suggests Jill move in with the Winters; Norman and Rita learn of a legacy. Details Episode 70 Aired undefined Norman and Rita start a business with Rodney; Joe pursues Carolyn and Marsha is upset. Details Episode 71 Aired undefined Marsha rents the Carson home; Rodney wavers on business plans; Susan feigns illness. Details Episode 72 Aired undefined Susan worries about her marriage; Jill discourages Joe; Rodney, Norman and Rtia discuss business. Details Episode 73 Aired undefined Dr. Rossi dines with Marsha and Carolyn; Susan plays it safe; Joe visits Jill. Details Episode 74 Aired undefined Joe nearly fights over Carolyn; Jill prepares to leave with Kelly but Tom convinces her to stay. Details Episode 75 Aired undefined Carolyn and Marsha discuss the Rossi brothers; Tom helps an unwed mother-to-be; Steven visits Betty and Rodney. Details Episode 76 Aired undefined Jill helps Susan; Carolyn despises Joe. Details Episode 77 Aired undefined Carolyn rebuffs Joe; Dr. Rossi dines with Marsha; Steven calls on Norman and Rita. Details Episode 78 Aired undefined Jill seeks Rossi's help; Betty brushes off Steven; Carolyn's father phones. Details Episode 79 Aired undefined Rev. Winter is attracted to Jill; Rodney and Norman enter a motorbike race. Details Episode 80 Aired undefined Jill ofers to leave; Steven finds an incriminating paper. Details Episode 81 Aired undefined Rodney and Norman crash their motorcycle; Tom and Susan argue violently. Details Episode 82 Aired undefined Rodney's condition is critical; Steven apologizes to Betty. Details Episode 83 Aired undefined Drunken Susan upsets the Winter household; Dr. Rossi misses a date with Marsha. Details Episode 84 Aired undefined Rodney has surgery; Winter sees Dr. Rossi about Susan's drinking. Details Episode 85 Aired undefined Jill disappears; Steven argues with Norman and tells Susan off. Details Episode 86 Aired undefined Rossi analyzes Winter's feelings for Jill; Leslie Harrington threatens Betty. Details Episode 87 Aired undefined Sensation returns to Rodney's hand; Winter neglects his congregation; Jill refuses advice. Details Episode 88 Aired undefined The Rev. Winter makes a decision; Rodney questions Betty. Details Episode 89 Aired undefined Susan is hospitalized; Betty accuses Steven; Marsha anticipates consequences. Details Episode 90 Aired undefined Winter refuses advice from church superiors; police find Jill. Details Episode 91 Aired undefined Carolyn responds to Jeff; Rita asks Steven's help; Joe Rossi taunts Jill. Details Episode 92 Aired Sep 11, 1968 Steven seeks Susan's help; custody is determined for Jill's baby. Details

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      Sep 11, 1967