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      Season 1 – The Neighbors

      2012 Comedy List
      31% 36 Reviews Tomatometer 81% Fewer than 50 Ratings Audience Score The Weavers are thrilled when they score a house in an exclusive gated New Jersey community, but as soon as they move in, they realize there is something strange about their new neighborhood. Curious about their neighbors' strange names and eating habits, they soon learn that the entire development is inhabited by aliens. The Weavers are the first humans the Zabvronians have had the opportunity to know in their 10 years on Earth, but soon both sides learn that while they have their differences, they are also more alike than anyone would have imagined. Read More Read Less Watch on Vudu Premiered Sep 26 Buy Now

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      The Neighbors — Season 1

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      The Neighbors — Season 1

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      Critics Consensus

      The Neighbors earns the occasional chuckle, but it's a formulaic sitcom with a thin, stale premise.

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      Episode 1 Aired Sep 26, 2012 Pilot When Marty Weaver and his wife, Debbie, move to a gated community with their three children, they discover their neighbors are aliens who had not met humans. Details Episode 2 Aired Oct 3, 2012 Journey to the Center of the Mall The Weavers take the Bird-Kersees to a mall outside Hidden Hills; Jackie and Debbie question each other's intentions. Details Episode 3 Aired Oct 10, 2012 Things Just Got Real Looking for a break from their neighbors, Marty and Debbie make plans with their human friends. Details Episode 4 Aired Oct 17, 2012 Bathroom Etiquette Marty and Debbie give Dick Butkus anti-bullying advice; Larry and Jackie get tired of the Weavers' parenting tips. Details Episode 5 Aired Oct 24, 2012 Halloween-ween The Weavers introduce the aliens to Halloween; Amber, Max and Abby reject Marty and Debbie's costume idea. Details Episode 6 Aired Oct 31, 2012 Larry Bird and the Iron Throne Jackie tries to help Debbie plan Abby's birthday; Larry shadows Lenny at work; Reggie tries to find a gift for Amber. Details Episode 7 Aired Nov 7, 2012 50 Shades of Green Debbie and Marty find out more about alien love when the Zabvronian mating season begins; a cute jock asks Amber to a makeout party. Details Episode 8 Aired Nov 14, 2012 Thanksgiving Is for the Bird-Kersees Debbie asks Marty to rescind his parents' invitation to Thanksgiving dinner so they can have Jackie, Larry, Reggie and Dick over instead. Details Episode 9 Aired Dec 5, 2012 Merry Crap-Mas Marty and Debbie dislike the kids' entitled attitude toward Christmas and decide to return the gifts and use the money for a family vacation; when the Weavers realize the aliens already opened all the presents, Larry Bird must save Christmas. Details Episode 10 Aired Dec 12, 2012 Juan of the Dead When the neighborhood gardener dies, forcing Debbie and Marty to explain death to the aliens, Larry Bird decides to solve the problem. Details Episode 11 Aired Jan 9, 2013 The Gingerbread Man Larry Bird helps Debbie deal with PTA politics and its officious president, Linda (Nora Dunn); Jackie's competitive nature kicks in when she helps Marty coach soccer. Details Episode 12 Aired Jan 16, 2013 Cold War When the whole Weaver family comes down with a cold, the Bird-Kersees -- especially Larry -- are terrified and confused. Details Episode 13 Aired Jan 23, 2013 Dream Weavers When the Weavers and the Bird-Kersees chaperone a school dance, Debbie tries to re-create a romantic moment with Marty; Jackie wishes she and Larry had a more interesting story about how they met. Details Episode 14 Aired Jan 30, 2013 The Back Nine The Weavers and Bird-Kersees are confronted with class and race issues as they compete for membership in an exclusive new country club. Details Episode 15 Aired Feb 6, 2013 Space Invaders The relationship advice Debbie gives Reggie backfires, making things harder for Jackie and Larry; Amber doesn't want to discuss her boyfriend with Debbie. Details Episode 16 Aired Feb 13, 2013 Mother Clubbers Debbie and Jackie go to a hip new club in hope of feeling more desirable; Marty and Larry Bird come to Amber for makeovers. Details Episode 17 Aired Feb 20, 2013 Larry Bird Presents an Oscar-Winning Film by Larry Bird Obsessed with winning an Oscar, Larry and Reggie decide to videotape a spelling bee in which Max and Dick Butkus go head-to-head. Details Episode 18 Aired Feb 27, 2013 Camping When the Weavers and Bird-Kersees go camping, Marty tries to prove that he is manly like his dad; the families have an encounter with an animal. Details Episode 19 Aired Mar 6, 2013 I Believe I Can Drive Marty offers to teach the Bird-Kersees how to drive; Amber regrets opting for lessons from a driver's ed teacher when Ms. Porsche (Sandra Bernhard) turns out to be very unconventional. Details Episode 20 Aired Mar 13, 2013 Sing Like a Larry Bird After the Bird-Kersees go see a Broadway show, Larry decides to create a musical of his own; an emergency phone call could expose the Bird-Kersees' true identities. Details Episode 21 Aired Mar 20, 2013 Mo Purses Mo Money Mo Problems Debbie is ecstatic when a businesswoman (Bethenny Frankel) offers to help revitalize her purse business; Jackie jumps in to help, but soon she and Debbie realize they are in way over their heads. Details Episode 22 Aired Mar 27, 2013 It Has Begun ... During a trip to Atlantic City, Marty learns that Larry can count cards -- and see through them; Jackie confesses that she has always wanted a human wedding; Dick Butkus receives an ominous call from his grandpa. Details

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      Ken Tucker Entertainment Weekly Hey, the show is, in general, better-acted than Two and a Half Men is these days, and I'd assert that it's funnier than another freshman show, Guys With Kids. Sep 26, 2012 Full Review Brian Lowry Variety If the show appears to be deflating the night, don't be surprised if Hidden Hills' far-away residents get beamed up sooner than anticipated. Sep 26, 2012 Full Review Robert Bianco USA Today Nothing in The Neighbors rises above mediocrity, and too much falls beneath it. Rated: 1.5/4 Sep 26, 2012 Full Review Randy Dankievitch Processed Media If there's ever been a show so bland it nearly became offensive, The Neighbors perfectly fits the bill: mindless, pointless, and guaranteed to be cancelled within four episodes. Rated: F Feb 20, 2020 Full Review Jessica Johnson Time Out Chicago All of these characters have been driven into the ground in countless other sitcoms and, if possible, some of them might even be more vapid and annoying in The Neighbors. Jul 2, 2018 Full Review Rachel Stein Television Without Pity Honestly, this show could be a lot worse. Sep 26, 2012 Full Review Read all reviews

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      Jeremy G I feel like the show is underrated, if people gave it more of a chance it could have had more seasons. Rated 5 out of 5 stars 11/28/22 Full Review a m Fun comedy. I love the humor. Rated 5 out of 5 stars 03/30/23 Full Review Audience Member I simply enjoyed the antics. I was disappointed to find that the TV show was 9 years old and only went 2 seasons. Rated 3.5 out of 5 stars 01/09/23 Full Review Audience Member Another rating where the audience and pretentious reviewers strongly disagree. This well acted, witty, and highly underrated show should have at the very least had another season. Rated 5 out of 5 stars 01/09/23 Full Review Audience Member Beforehand, I didn't think I liked the leads Venito & Gertz, ... but they were fairly perfect for the characters they played, and I warmed up to them over time. But I fell in love almost instantly with supporting leads Templeman & Olagundoye, who put in some of the most entertaining character acting I've ever seen. Templeman is wonderfully quirky, and Olagundoye makes "adorably perky" somehow Very attractive. Yes, the premise can get a little pat, but the scripts take that cheese as a given, and then see how much fun they can have with it (which is: a lot). This series is one of those instances where critics & fans deeply disagree not because a hard-core group of pre-existing fans rally (this series had no pre-existing fans), nor because it pandered to some narrow demographic. No, this was one the critics just got wrong. But I get why. The show shouldn't be so much fun. But it is. Above all, because of the surprising appeal of Templeman & Olagundoye. So, if you watch just one show, and you get distracted from the Templeman & Olagundoye moments of glory -- say, due to jotting down some brilliant critics' reference to "My Favorite Martian" -- then you might miss the crack cocaine that brings the regular audience back. (4 stars because the rest of the show -- outside Templeman & Olagundoye -- mostly only tags along gamely.) Rated 4 out of 5 stars 01/09/23 Full Review Audience Member Since childhood, this has been one of my favorite series... so funny. Rated 5 out of 5 stars 01/09/23 Full Review Read all reviews Post a review

      Season Info

      Chris Koch, John Fortenberry, Peter Lauer, Jeffrey Walker, Lev Spiro, Luke Greenfield
      Executive Producer
      Dan Fogelman, Aaron Kaplan, Jeffrey Morton, Chris Koch
      Dan Fogelman, Isaac Aptaker, Kristin Newman, Scott King, Kirker Butler, Tracy Oliver, Kat Likkel, Jeremy Hall, Elizabeth Berger, John Hoberg
      Original Language
      Release Date
      Sep 26, 2012