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      Season 1 – The Bill Cunningham Show

      2011 Talk Show List
      Reviews There are so many daytime talk shows on the air that they can be considered a dime a dozen. Controversial radio host Bill Cunningham hopes his self-titled talk show can stand above the competition as he transitions from the audio medium to the visual medium. The topics on Cunningham's show are familiar to daytime TV viewers. Reunions with long-lost family members, infidelity, addictions, strained relationships between twins, and family dilemmas are among the topics Cunningham tries to help his guests with. Read More Read Less


      Previous Episode 1 Aired Sep 19, 2011 Partying Parents, Neglected Kids! Parents are reluctant to change their partying ways. Details Episode 2 Aired Sep 20, 2011 Jealous Family Face Off Family members try to put the past behind them. Details Episode 3 Aired Sep 21, 2011 Extreme Obsessions and Crazy Collections! Some guests have shopping obsessions, and others do not want to let go of their possessions. Details Episode 4 Aired Sep 22, 2011 Broken Families ... Second Chances Family members try to deal with a troubled past. Details Episode 5 Aired Sep 23, 2011 Selling Sex for a Living Sex-industry workers say they enjoy making a living and tell of the effects it has on their families. Details Episode 6 Aired Sep 26, 2011 Anything to Be Famous! Reality-star wannabes and others will do anything to get on camera. Details Episode 7 Aired Sep 27, 2011 Feuding Family Drama Families at odds. Details Episode 8 Aired Sep 28, 2011 Toxic Jealous Love! Couples deal with jealousy and what comes of it. Details Episode 9 Aired Sep 29, 2011 My Cheap Mate Is Driving Me Crazy! Couples argue about being stingy and how far some will go to save money. Details Episode 10 Aired Sep 30, 2011 Meddling Moms ... Outraged Daughters Daughters say their mothers are too involved in their lives. Details Episode 11 Aired Oct 3, 2011 Beatings, Cheatings and Lies Suspicions of cheating fuel anger, controlling behavior and physical violence within couples. Details Episode 12 Aired Oct 4, 2011 Your Addiction Is Ruining Our Family! Bill works to help a family conquer an addiction and save its livelihood. Details Episode 13 Aired Oct 5, 2011 Love on the Rocks ... I Want Out Now! Bill plays mediator for couples dealing with infidelity. Details Episode 14 Aired Oct 6, 2011 Beware ... Cyber Dangers Revealed Guests tell of lives and reputations destroyed by exploitation on the Internet. Details Episode 15 Aired Oct 7, 2011 Three-Way Love Guests enjoy taking part in open relationships. Details Episode 16 Aired Oct 10, 2011 Cheating, Lies and Sexting Couples deal with issues of trust and their scandalous ways. Details Episode 17 Aired Oct 11, 2011 Sex-Crazed & Out of Control! Sex addictions; couples' accusations of cheating; wannabe porn stars. Details Episode 18 Aired Oct 12, 2011 Reality Star Wannabes Bill puts people who want to be the next big star to the test. Details Episode 19 Aired Oct 13, 2011 Tell Me the Truth Two couples say they will do anything to find out the truth about their mates. Details Episode 20 Aired Oct 14, 2011 Bratzillas ... Spoiled Rotten Girls Four spoiled girls are in need of a financial wake-up call. Details Episode 21 Aired Oct 17, 2011 Couples in Crisis: Make-Up or Break-Up Couples are on the breaking points of their relationships. Details Episode 22 Aired Oct 18, 2011 It's My Body, Like It or Not! Lovers and family members confront guests about their weight and body issues. Details Episode 23 Aired Oct 19, 2011 Obsessed With Perfection Guests are obsessed with being perfect, regardless of how it affects the people around them. Details Episode 24 Aired Oct 20, 2011 My Family Hates My Mate Parents refuse to accept the people their offspring date. Details Episode 25 Aired Oct 21, 2011 Naughty Cougar Women Couples and family members discuss their opinions of men dating older women. Details Episode 26 Aired Oct 24, 2011 Daughters and Their Deadbeat Moms Daughters tell how their mothers' physical and emotional absence have affected their lives. Details Episode 27 Aired Oct 25, 2011 Strippers, Prostitutes and Porn Stars Porn stars, prostitutes and strippers face off against loved ones and one another. Details Episode 28 Aired Oct 26, 2011 Super Sized and Super Sexy Women love their bodies despite pressure from loved ones to lose weight and get skinny. Details Episode 29 Aired Oct 27, 2011 Brutal Family Betrayals! People who did their family members wrong try to make it right. Details Episode 30 Aired Oct 28, 2011 Cat Fights Gone Wild Angry women, sisters and girlfriends are ready for the fighting to stop. Details Episode 31 Aired Oct 31, 2011 Dark, Disturbed and Dangerous Vampirism; Satanism; gothic music. Details Episode 32 Aired Nov 1, 2011 Stop Hating My Lover Family members disapprove of the ones guests have chosen to love. Details Episode 33 Aired Nov 2, 2011 Double Lives ... Secrets Revealed! A couple expose their secrets and stop living a lie. Details Episode 34 Aired Nov 3, 2011 Raging Female Bullies Bill steps in to stop bullying. Details Episode 35 Aired Nov 4, 2011 Using Sex to Get Famous Women are not afraid to reveal everything to get their few minutes of fame. Details Episode 36 Aired Nov 7, 2011 Neighborhood Nightmares Bill tries to get neighbors to make up after they have been feuding for years. Details Episode 37 Aired Nov 8, 2011 Outrageously Obese Relatives of obese people ask Bill to help before it is too late. Details Episode 38 Aired Nov 9, 2011 Sex, Drugs and Last Chances Bill gives families the opportunity to forgive loved ones who have abandoned them in favor of drugs and alcohol. Details Episode 39 Aired Nov 10, 2011 Sex Exploits Unleashed People use sex to get famous and to make money. Details Episode 40 Aired Nov 11, 2011 Mothers on the Edge! Mothers say they have cleaned up their acts and want their babies back. Details Episode 41 Aired Nov 14, 2011 Angry, Ticking Time Bombs! People with anger issues come to Bill for help. Details Episode 42 Aired Nov 15, 2011 Oh Baby, Please Come Back People who want their exes back despite past abuse. Details Episode 43 Aired Nov 16, 2011 Angry Families Face Off Family members try to resolve anger in their households. Details Episode 44 Aired Nov 17, 2011 Loveless, Sexless, and Betrayed Couples in destructive relationships look for help. Details Episode 45 Aired Nov 18, 2011 Stop Dating Your Daddy! Young women arrive with boyfriends who are old enough to be their fathers. Details Episode 46 Aired Nov 21, 2011 Sex and Lies ... Tell Me the Truth! Couples take lie-detector tests. Details Episode 47 Aired Nov 22, 2011 You're a Disgrace to Our Family! Guests have difficulty dealing with their offbeat family-members. Details Episode 48 Aired Nov 23, 2011 Sex, Lies and Dangerous Games Guests look to Bill Cunningham for help with their family members' sexual encounters and foolish behavior. Details Episode 49 Aired Dec 5, 2011 Drug Addicted and Out of Control Families battle with loved ones' drug addictions. Details Episode 50 Aired Dec 6, 2011 I'm Big and Beautiful ... Now Back Off! Women who are proud of their size. Details Episode 51 Aired Dec 7, 2011 Big, Fat, Cheating Liars Cheaters and liars reveal their shocking secrets. Details Episode 52 Aired Dec 8, 2011 Race, Lies and Deceit Families learn that love and relationships are colorblind. Details Episode 53 Aired Dec 9, 2011 Reckless Moms ... Defiant Daughters! Mothers have unconventional parenting skills; daughters stop at nothing to defy them. Details Episode 54 Aired Dec 12, 2011 Stop Living in Fantasy Land! Guests want family members to stop living in dream worlds and wake up to reality. Details Episode 55 Aired Dec 13, 2011 Ultimatums ... Time for a Change Families must confront their problems and make changes. Details Episode 56 Aired Dec 14, 2011 Back Off, Mom! Daughters and controlling mothers face off. Details Episode 57 Aired Dec 15, 2011 Freeloading Family Feuds! Families tell loved ones that it is time to act their age and move away from home. Details Episode 58 Aired Dec 16, 2011 Jealousy, Lies and Betrayal Cheating lovers and controlling husbands. Details Episode 59 Aired Jan 2, 2012 Stop Partying or We're Done! Wild, out-of-control lovers need to spend less time partying and more time on their relationships. Details Episode 60 Aired Jan 3, 2012 Deep Dark Family Secrets Brothers expose their families' deepest, darkest dirty secrets to one another. Details Episode 61 Aired Jan 4, 2012 Love Me or Hate Me? Couples with commitment issues must decide whether they are ready to tie the knot. Details Episode 62 Aired Jan 5, 2012 Get Help or Get Out! Families of alcoholics and addicts give their loved ones ultimatums to get help or get out of their lives. Details Episode 63 Aired Jan 6, 2012 Fatherless Sibling Reunions Long-lost siblings meet for the first time. Details Episode 64 Aired Jan 9, 2012 Lying Lovers Revealed People in relationships plagued by suspicions of cheating ask for help. Details Episode 65 Aired Jan 10, 2012 Keep Your Hands Off Me! Family members confront loved ones about physical abuse in their relationships. Details Episode 66 Aired Jan 11, 2012 Furious Feuds Parents deal with their offspring's addictions, depression and promiscuous behavior. Details Episode 67 Aired Jan 12, 2012 Families in Crisis: A Cry for Help Parents dealing addiction, depression and promiscuous behavior in their children ask for help. Details Episode 68 Aired Jan 13, 2012 Shocking Addictions Confronted People confront their strange addictions. Details Episode 69 Aired Jan 16, 2012 Two-Timing Cheating Liars Families deal with infidelity and betrayal. Details Episode 70 Aired Jan 17, 2012 When Love Hurts Couples say their relationships have gone sour. Details Episode 71 Aired Jan 18, 2012 Brutal Sibling Cat Fights! Siblings fight like cats and dogs. Details Episode 72 Aired Jan 19, 2012 Humiliated by My Hoarder Families of hoarders want their loved ones to overcome their unhealthy habits. Details Episode 73 Aired Jan 20, 2012 It's Over ... So Back Off! Former lovers realize that the strong relationships they once had are over for good. Details Episode 74 Aired Jan 23, 2012 Fighting Family Face Off Families disapprove of their relatives' jobs, life choices and wild ways. Details Episode 75 Aired Jan 24, 2012 My Racist Relative Hates My Lover! Guests say love is colorblind, but family members disagree strongly. Details Episode 76 Aired Jan 25, 2012 Quit Cheating or We're Through! Suspicious people look for proof that loved ones are cheating on them. Details Episode 77 Aired Jan 26, 2012 Jealous of My Loved One Couples deal with jealousy and lies. Details Episode 78 Aired Jan 27, 2012 Love Me or Leave Me Commitment-phobic couples decide whether to tie the knot or break up. Details Episode 79 Aired Jan 30, 2012 Disgraceful Family Drama Mothers and their offspring have complicated relationships. Details Episode 80 Aired Jan 31, 2012 Twisted Sex Triangles Guests learn that their partners are involved in gay love affairs. Details Episode 81 Aired Feb 1, 2012 Love, Lust and Lies Couples deal with lies and suspicion. Details Episode 82 Aired Feb 2, 2012 Blacklisted by My Family Guests tell of being made outcasts by their families. Details Episode 83 Aired Feb 3, 2012 Pimps, Hos and Gigolos Guests reveal their sexy secret lives. Details Episode 84 Aired Feb 6, 2012 Time to Tell the Truth! Couples at odds over trust and infidelity take lie-detector tests. Details Episode 85 Aired Feb 7, 2012 Dysfunctional Family Drama Family members confront one another and try to get over the past. Details Episode 86 Aired Feb 8, 2012 Mom's Dirty Secrets A woman tries to rebuild a relationship with her daughter, revealing tangled webs of family secrets. Details Episode 87 Aired Feb 9, 2012 Social Network Sex-Capades! Guests are suspicious of their partners' social-networking habits. Details Episode 88 Aired Feb 10, 2012 Gold Digging Divas! Women say there can be no love in a relationship without money. Details Episode 89 Aired Feb 13, 2012 Abandoned and Betrayed by Love Family members struggle with financial matters and issues of abandonment. Details Episode 90 Aired Feb 14, 2012 Sex, Secrets & Betrayals Once-beloved sisters face off about family secrets and sexual betrayals. Details Episode 91 Aired Feb 15, 2012 Families on the Edge Out-of-control and violent relatives drive families to the breaking point. Details Episode 92 Aired Feb 16, 2012 My Family Is a Train Wreck! A woman thinks her husband hides a secret; a daughter cannot handle her mother's partying; lying loved ones collide. Details Episode 93 Aired Feb 17, 2012 Lesbian Lovers Exposed! Dramatic women deal with matters of love, jealousy and cheating. Details Episode 94 Aired Feb 20, 2012 Cunningham Challenge: Got Talent? Guests battle with their families to prove they have what it takes to be famous. Details Episode 95 Aired Feb 21, 2012 OMG ... You Cheated With Who? Double-crossing lovers shock their significant others. Details Episode 96 Aired Feb 22, 2012 Tears, Fears and Drama A family has a history of heartbreak and drama. Details Episode 97 Aired Feb 23, 2012 When Friendships Explode! Friends face off over stolen money, freeloading and bad relationships. Details Episode 98 Aired Feb 24, 2012 Get a Grip ... You're No Star! "Real Housewife" Danielle Staub gives wannabe stars a reality check. Details Episode 99 Aired Feb 27, 2012 Family Blow Ups Families are at odds and on the verge of exploding. Details Episode 100 Aired Feb 28, 2012 Mean Girl Madness Friends face off over jealousy, lies and dirty business. Details Episode 101 Aired Feb 29, 2012 Big Lies ... Big Drama Families confront loved ones about lies, secrets and cheating. Details Episode 102 Aired Mar 1, 2012 I'm Tired of Your BS! Guests tired of their friends' or families' nonsense confront them. Details Episode 103 Aired Mar 2, 2012 Stop Being a Drama Queen Guests are tired of dealing with their over-dramatic friends and relatives. Details Episode 104 Aired Mar 5, 2012 Sister Slug Fest Sisters struggle all of their lives to sustain their sisterly relationships. Details Episode 105 Aired Mar 6, 2012 Butt Out ... It's Time to Get a Life! Families tell their loved ones to stop interfering in their lives. Details Episode 106 Aired Mar 7, 2012 Lying Cheaters Exposed Lie-detector tests determine couples' futures. Details Episode 107 Aired Mar 8, 2012 Look at Me Now ... I'm All That Guests who have made transformations confront the people who used to harass them. Details Episode 108 Aired Mar 9, 2012 Couples in Crisis: Should I Stay or Go? Guests who are at their wits' end come to Bill for help in convincing their partners to change or get out. Details Episode 109 Aired Mar 19, 2012 Nosy, No-Good Moms Offspring ask for Bill's help with their nosy, controlling, meddling mother. Details Episode 110 Aired Mar 20, 2012 Done Me Dirty ... Do Me Right Friends and lovers have had enough of the lying and drama in their lives. Details Episode 111 Aired Mar 21, 2012 Shut Up ... and Get Over It! Guests ask for Bill's help getting over things they cannot change about their lovers, their siblings and their pasts. Details Episode 112 Aired Mar 22, 2012 Headed for Heartbreak Bill examines once-perfect relationships now on the brink of disaster. Details Episode 113 Aired Mar 23, 2012 Sex, Secrets and Shattered Families Bill looks back at favorite stories dealing with secrets between couples and family members. Details Episode 114 Aired Mar 26, 2012 Web of Lies and Deceit Families use lie-detector tests in hope of revealing the truth about loved ones' guarded pasts. Details Episode 115 Aired Mar 27, 2012 Fights, Love and Lies Bill's stage is a battlefield for love. Details Episode 116 Aired Mar 28, 2012 Scandalous Family Affairs Bill tests a family to see if their love is strong enough to survive secrets and betrayal. Details Episode 117 Aired Mar 29, 2012 Drop That Zero for a Hero Love triangles; people in love with the wrong person; when dating the wrong person has gone on too long. Details Episode 118 Aired Mar 30, 2012 Kinky Sexplosions! Guests say their loved ones engage in dangerous behavior by having sex in public. Details Episode 119 Aired Apr 2, 2012 Sibling Showdown Sisters fight over everything, from attention to boyfriends. Details Episode 120 Aired Apr 3, 2012 Families Divided by Race Guests fight for their right to date whomever they want. Details Episode 121 Aired Apr 4, 2012 Want Sex? Tell the Truth! Guests withhold sex from their partners for spite. Details Episode 122 Aired Apr 5, 2012 Flashback to Family Feuds Updates on past guests. Details Episode 123 Aired Apr 9, 2012 You Need a New Attitude! Guests with bad attitudes are confronted by loved ones. Details Episode 124 Aired Apr 10, 2012 Strippers and Sugar Babies Gone Wild! Family members hope to convince women to stop selling their bodies and self-worth. Details Episode 125 Aired Apr 11, 2012 Big Changes, Big Moments & Big Sex Looking back at favorite sexy and serious moments. Details Episode 126 Aired Apr 16, 2012 Listen Up ... the Truth Hurts! Cheaters confess to the people who trust them. Details Episode 127 Aired Apr 17, 2012 A Look Back: The Good, the Bad & the Ugly Highlighted moments with memorable guests from the season. Details Episode 128 Aired Apr 18, 2012 Friends on the Edge Fighting friends hope to resolve their issues. Details Episode 129 Aired Apr 19, 2012 Pet Obsessed ... Them or Me? People who put pets before their loved ones. Details Episode 130 Aired Apr 23, 2012 Grow Up ... Get a Clue! Guests confront loved ones who make poor decisions that could affect their lives forever. Details Episode 131 Aired Apr 24, 2012 Stay Out of My Business! Guests want their loved ones to stay out of their lives and mind their own business. Details Episode 132 Aired Apr 25, 2012 Help ... My Daughter Is in the Sex Biz! Mothers are concerned about their daughters' sex lives. Details Episode 133 Aired Apr 26, 2012 Control Yourself ... Don't Control Me! Controlling friends and family members face off with their loved ones. Details Episode 134 Aired Apr 27, 2012 Crazy Couples: Step Up or Step Out! Unhappy spouses give their significant others an ultimatum. Details Episode 135 Aired Apr 30, 2012 Scandalous Sex Affairs Guests reveal shocking secrets about their sex lives. Details Episode 136 Aired May 1, 2012 Big Time Mama Drama Mothers get into trouble by dressing and acting like teenagers. Details Episode 137 Aired May 2, 2012 I'm Not Lying So Lay Off! Men who have been accused of lying reveal the truth. Details Episode 138 Aired May 3, 2012 Check Yourself or It's Over! Lying and cheating guests test each other. Details Episode 139 Aired May 4, 2012 Mystery Lover Mayhem Couples work through the betrayal when they find out about their partners' mystery lovers. Details Episode 140 Aired May 7, 2012 Surprise! I Had Sex With ... People reveal whether or not they have been unfaithful to their partners. Details Episode 141 Aired May 8, 2012 Bombshell Bedroom Betrayals! Guests reveal to their loved ones how they have betrayed them. Details Episode 142 Aired May 9, 2012 Cunningham Challenge: Bust a Move Guests dance to prove they have what it takes to be famous. Details Episode 143 Aired May 10, 2012 Bill's Big Show The year's most memorable bombshells, conflicts and personalities. Details Episode 144 Aired May 11, 2012 You Dissed Me ... I'm Done! Guests confront family members who have disrespected them. Details Episode 145 Aired May 14, 2012 My Family Better Back Off! Families and their meddlesome loved ones. Details Episode 146 Aired May 15, 2012 Cheaters on the Hotseat! Guests confront cheating partners. Details Episode 147 Aired May 16, 2012 Backstabbed and Betrayed! Guests say they have been betrayed by the ones they thought they could trust the most. Details Episode 148 Aired May 17, 2012 Tame Your Temper: Change Your Ways! Bad tempers; out-of-control lovers; families fighting to stay together. Details Episode 149 Aired May 18, 2012 Bill's Top Ten Bill revisits his top 10 favorite moments from the first season of his TV show. Details Episode 150 Aired May 21, 2012 Secret Encounters Revealed Guests tell their loved ones the truth about their secret lives and secret lovers. Details Episode 151 Aired May 22, 2012 My Little Sister Is Selling Her Body! Guests are concerned about their sisters' chosen professions. Details Episode 152 Aired May 23, 2012 Booty Call Bombshells Guests try to save their relationships when their partners want out. Details Next
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