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      Season 4 – The Bill Cunningham Show

      2014 Talk Show List
      Reviews There are so many daytime talk shows on the air that they can be considered a dime a dozen. Controversial radio host Bill Cunningham hopes his self-titled talk show can stand above the competition as he transitions from the audio medium to the visual medium. The topics on Cunningham's show are familiar to daytime TV viewers. Reunions with long-lost family members, infidelity, addictions, strained relationships between twins, and family dilemmas are among the topics Cunningham tries to help his guests with. Read More Read Less


      Episode 1 Aired Sep 15, 2014 Are You My Mother? The Maternity Test Will Tell! A 40-year-old man finally learns the answer to a lifelong mystery -- the true identity of his biological mother. Details Episode 2 Aired Sep 16, 2014 Sister Scandals and Players Remorse A man lands in hot water when he reveals that he has been sleeping with four women -- including two sisters. Details Episode 3 Aired Sep 17, 2014 Your Sex Change Is Ruining My Life Guests about to have a sex change. Details Episode 4 Aired Sep 18, 2014 Foul Play and DNA! Men who suspect their partners of infidelity determine the truth through DNA tests. Details Episode 5 Aired Sep 19, 2014 I'm Fed Up With My Fiance! Couples preparing to wed are faced with the truth. Details Episode 6 Aired Sep 22, 2014 SOS: Drug-Crazed and Out of Control! A reality-TV star and her family seek help with her sister's heroin addiction. Details Episode 7 Aired Sep 23, 2014 Hey Mister ... Stop Cheating on My Sister! Guests confront the men dating their sisters. Details Episode 8 Aired Sep 24, 2014 The Greedy & Needy Lifestyle of Sugar Babies People are confronted by family members who think their life is heading nowhere. Details Episode 9 Aired Sep 25, 2014 Don't Deny ... DNA Doesn't Lie Paternity results hold up a wedding; a woman thinks her man is leading a double life. Details Episode 10 Aired Sep 26, 2014 If You Took Them to Bed, We'll Never Wed! Suspicions of infidelity plague engaged couples -- leading to lie detector tests. Details Episode 11 Aired Sep 29, 2014 Shattered Family Showdown People who feel unloved and abandoned by members of their family seek answers. Details Episode 12 Aired Sep 30, 2014 Online Secrets and Sexting Trysts Trust issues inspire couples to take lie detector tests. Details Episode 13 Aired Oct 1, 2014 Dump Your Dangerous, Deadbeat Lover People fear that members of their family are involved with dangerous lovers. Details Episode 14 Aired Oct 2, 2014 Secret Affairs & DNA Scares Secrets are revealed that could ruin relationships and lives. Details Episode 15 Aired Oct 3, 2014 Liar, Liar, Pants on Fire! People try to prove that they are not cheating on their partners. Details Episode 16 Aired Oct 6, 2014 You're My Sister ... Stop Being a B ... ! Reality-TV star Omarosa and Bill help battling sisters. Details Episode 17 Aired Oct 7, 2014 Family Lies & Broken Ties Facing accusations from his girlfriend's daughter, a man takes a lie detector test. Details Episode 18 Aired Oct 8, 2014 Truth Be Told, Before I Explode Sons get the truth about their mother. Details Episode 19 Aired Oct 9, 2014 Relationship Flaws and Final Straws! A woman uses a paternity test to prove her fidelity. Details Episode 20 Aired Oct 10, 2014 You're the Mom, I'm the Child ... Grow Up! Daughters confront hard-partying mothers. Details Episode 21 Aired Oct 13, 2014 Too Much Lust, No More Trust Bill helps couples get past problems that are keeping them from moving forward. Details Episode 22 Aired Oct 14, 2014 You Can Say So Long if You Did Me Wrong! Cheating accusations threaten relationships. Details Episode 23 Aired Oct 15, 2014 Lovers Get Ditched and Dismissed! A confession delivers an unexpected twist. Details Episode 24 Aired Oct 16, 2014 Past Guests, DNA Tests & New LDT Drama! Bill reads the results of DNA and lie detector tests to guests plagued with cheating accusations. Details Episode 25 Aired Oct 17, 2014 If It's True ... I'll Dump You! Accusations involving poison and prostitution plague couples. Details Episode 26 Aired Oct 20, 2014 Let's Stay Together ... or Part Ways Forever! Relationship expert Siggy advises guests on the verge of breaking up. Details Episode 27 Aired Oct 21, 2014 Fed Up, Furious Families Guests confront relatives about their behavior. Details Episode 28 Aired Oct 22, 2014 Battle of the Bossy Sisters Bill tries to help feuding sisters. Details Episode 29 Aired Oct 23, 2014 An MIA Mom and a DNA Dad Bill helps guests fix their relationships with the parents who abandoned them. Details Episode 30 Aired Oct 24, 2014 Deadbeat Moms & Devastated Daughters Absent mothers face their daughters. Details Episode 31 Aired Oct 27, 2014 I Hate Your Chick ... She Makes Me Sick! People who think their siblings are being cheated on seek the help of a lie detector test. Details Episode 32 Aired Oct 28, 2014 Ditch Your Mate, for a Clean Slate Suspicions of infidelity lead to lie detector tests. Details Episode 33 Aired Oct 29, 2014 Help! There's No Spice in Our Sex Life! Couples with the bedroom blues receive sexy tips and tricks to turn up the heat. Details Episode 34 Aired Oct 30, 2014 It's Time You Pay After the DNA! A man wants proof that five adults are really his offspring. Details Episode 35 Aired Oct 31, 2014 Bill's Battle of the Sexes A celebrity panel helps couples gets on the same page. Details Episode 36 Aired Nov 3, 2014 If You Hit It ... I'll Quit It! Bill steps in to help when persistent trust issues threaten relationships. Details Episode 37 Aired Nov 4, 2014 You're a Disgrace ... Get Out of My Face! After questionable choices lead people down the wrong path, family members present them with ultimatums. Details Episode 38 Aired Nov 5, 2014 My Bad Mom Bailed on Me! Daughters confront the women who abandoned them and demand an explanation. Details Episode 39 Aired Nov 6, 2014 Dirty Dog Dads With DNA Drama! Women think they know who is the father of their babies, but paternity tests might prove otherwise. Details Episode 40 Aired Nov 7, 2014 You're Fat, and Not All That! People who want their mates to lose weight for the sake of their heath and their relationships. Details Episode 41 Aired Nov 10, 2014 Sibling Sabotage! People fed up with meddling siblings. Details Episode 42 Aired Nov 11, 2014 Suspicious Minds ... Trust or Bust? Couples on the rocks seek proof about fidelity. Details Episode 43 Aired Nov 12, 2014 Scorned Lovers Take Revenge! Women explain why they sought revenge against their unfaithful mates. Details Episode 44 Aired Nov 13, 2014 Know It's Your Baby ... Maybe? Suspicious men seek paternity tests. Details Episode 45 Aired Nov 14, 2014 Double Life Drama & a Mad Baby Mama Relationships are impacted by people living double lives. Details Episode 46 Aired Nov 17, 2014 Family Ties Destroyed by Lies! A lie detector test may help bring peace to warring members of a family plagued by outright deception. Details Episode 47 Aired Nov 18, 2014 Pregnant Moms Who Party and Play! Bill tries to help pregnant women stop partying and get straightened out for the sake of their family. Details Episode 48 Aired Nov 19, 2014 Family Sins & Secrets Family ties are threatened by naughty secrets, but guests hope to salvage their relationships by coming clean. Details Episode 49 Aired Nov 20, 2014 Disappearing Lovers ... Angry Mothers! People demand the truth -- and proof -- about why their partners went missing for days without explanation. Details Episode 50 Aired Nov 21, 2014 Horrible Hubbies Last Chance for Romance! Married couples seek Bill's help rebuilding their dying relationships. Details Episode 51 Aired Nov 24, 2014 Darling Daughters and Deadbeat Dads! Daughters who feel they experienced miserable and painful childhoods confront the men who abandoned them. Details Episode 52 Aired Nov 25, 2014 Angry Moms Drop Paternity Bombs! Angry mothers seek Bill's help with questions about paternity. Details Episode 53 Aired Nov 26, 2014 Evil Moms ... Broken Bonds! Women are confronted by their children, who claim they were cruel rather than caring and nurturing mothers. Details Episode 54 Aired Jan 29, 2015 Immaculate Conception or DNA Deception Women seek the identity of their kids' fathers -- but may be in for a surprise when the test results are revealed. Details Episode 55 Aired Jan 30, 2015 Help Me Save My Gangster Lover Women come to Bill for help persuading their boyfriends to disassociate from gangs before it's too late. Details Episode 56 Aired Feb 2, 2015 Sibling Drama and a Fearful Mama A stepfather is the source of a dispute between siblings; a woman ill with worry over her out-of-control teenage daughter. Details Episode 57 Aired Feb 3, 2015 You Made Us Break Up, but I Want to Make Up! Lie detector tests help determine what happens next for people who are hoping to have another chance with their exes. Details Episode 58 Aired Feb 4, 2015 Wham, Bam ... If You're Cheating, Scram! People are ready to end their relationships if infidelity is uncovered. Details Episode 59 Aired Feb 5, 2015 You're a Lying, No-Good Dad! Family members ask Bill for help ending a 20-year-old feud that may be keeping a man and his daughter apart. Details Episode 60 Aired Feb 6, 2015 Double Crossed by My Lover! People are ready to move on if it's proven that their partners are cheating. Details Episode 61 Aired Feb 9, 2015 Mother Knows Best ... Give the Attitude a Rest! Mothers try to put an end to feuds that have left families at odds. Details Episode 62 Aired Feb 10, 2015 Racist Relatives Face Off! People ask racist family members to keep their opinions to themselves. Details Episode 63 Aired Feb 11, 2015 Broken Trust and LDT Busts! Lie detector tests reveal the truth. Details Episode 64 Aired Feb 12, 2015 Couples Get Hitched or Ditched! Lie detector test results determine if couples head down the aisle or end their relationships. Details Episode 65 Aired Feb 13, 2015 Dueling Deadbeat Moms Woman who claim their mothers abandoned them want answers -- and apologies. Details Episode 66 Aired Feb 16, 2015 Taboo Love Triangles People involved in love triangles seek Bill's help. Details Episode 67 Aired Feb 17, 2015 Skinny Sister ... Fat Sister: Face Off! Women who feel their skinny sisters torment them for being overweight. Details Episode 68 Aired Feb 18, 2015 I Hate Who You Date! Dump Your Mate! People are confronted by family members who dislike who they are dating. Details Episode 69 Aired Feb 19, 2015 Wham, Bam ... DNA Jam! People seek answers regarding questionable paternity. Details Episode 70 Aired Feb 20, 2015 Secret Crushes and Ugly Ultimatums People reveal secrets that could place their upcoming weddings in jeopardy. Details Episode 71 Aired Feb 23, 2015 Secrets, Lies & Best Friend Betrayals Best friends take lie detector tests. Details Episode 72 Aired Feb 24, 2015 I Have Sex for Money, Don't Get Mad at Me, Honey! People want their relatives to stop working in the sex industry. Details Episode 73 Aired Feb 25, 2015 Propose Today or I'm Walking Away! People who want to get married but require proof that their mates can be trusted. Details Episode 74 Aired Feb 26, 2015 You're Not Fit to Be a Parent Allegations of infidelity, drugs and prostitution make people wonder if their family members should be parents. Details Episode 75 Aired Feb 27, 2015 Family Black Sheep Battles Bill tries to settle disputes between women and their sons. Details Episode 76 Aired Mar 2, 2015 I Refuse to Let You Take My Children Away! Bill tries to help when kids get caught in the middle of family drama. Details Episode 77 Aired Mar 3, 2015 Stop the Teasing ... I'm a Mess for a Reason Guests receive makeovers to take their looks from drab to fabulous. Details Episode 78 Aired Mar 4, 2015 Low-Down Dirty Lovers on the Hot Seat! Couples plagued by rumors and infidelity seek help. Details Episode 79 Aired Apr 22, 2015 Reckless Families Confronted! Bonds could be mended -- or destroyed -- when people face off with loved ones who they think are tearing their families apart. Details Episode 80 Aired Apr 23, 2015 Your Sneaky Plan Won't Get Rid of My Man! Couples confront the people who have been trying to tear them apart -- and demand that they stop their manipulations. Details Episode 81 Aired Apr 24, 2015 Fierce Family Showdown Reckless people are confronted by their family members, who want them to get their lives in order for the sake of their kids. Details Episode 82 Aired Apr 27, 2015 Daddies, Cheaters & Gangsters Bill revisits past stories that include a variety of epic failures. Details Episode 83 Aired Apr 28, 2015 Good Lovin' Gone Bad! Bill revisits shocking stories, surprise twists and shares updates of where some of the wildest guests are now. Details Episode 84 Aired Apr 29, 2015 Secret Lovers Under the Covers Lie detector tests reveal infidelity. Details Episode 85 Aired Apr 30, 2015 Deadbeat Dads in DNA Denial! Men accused of being deadbeat dads get life-changing DNA results. Details Episode 86 Aired May 1, 2015 Best of Bill: Shady Secrets and Raunchy Reveals Looking back on wild twists, shady secrets and stunning revelations. Details Episode 87 Aired May 4, 2015 You're a Bad Mom ... Face It! Hard-partying moms are confronted by concerned family members. Details Episode 88 Aired May 5, 2015 You're a Liar and I'll Prove It! People who suspect their partner of infidelity want the truth. Details Episode 89 Aired May 6, 2015 Sneaky, Suspicious Mates Put to the Test! People who are fed up with lies and accusations turn to lie detector tests for help. Details Episode 90 Aired May 7, 2015 It Makes Me Mad When You Deny You're the Dad! Men who aren't sure they have fathered children are faced with DNA tests. Details Episode 91 Aired May 8, 2015 Accused Liars Hit the Hot Seat People facing accusations undergo lie detector tests. Details Episode 92 Aired May 11, 2015 Sex, Drugs and Broken Hearts Scandalous stories include a woman who thinks she has been betrayed by her daughter, and a DNA shocker. Details Episode 93 Aired May 12, 2015 Your Sex Drive Is Driving Me Crazy! People and their over-sexed mates try to work out their issues. Details Episode 94 Aired May 13, 2015 Female Feuds and Fearless Lovers Updates on some of the fiercest females. Details Episode 95 Aired May 14, 2015 Bill's Wildest and Craziest Couples! Updates on some of the wildest couples. Details Episode 96 Aired May 15, 2015 Fame Is the Name of My Game! People hungry for fame are willing to do whatever it takes to become a star -- no matter who it impacts. Details Episode 97 Aired May 18, 2015 Family Feuds and Shocking Showdowns Updates on families who were involved in some of the most fiery feuds. Details

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