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      Season 5 – The Bill Cunningham Show

      2015 Talk Show List
      Reviews There are so many daytime talk shows on the air that they can be considered a dime a dozen. Controversial radio host Bill Cunningham hopes his self-titled talk show can stand above the competition as he transitions from the audio medium to the visual medium. The topics on Cunningham's show are familiar to daytime TV viewers. Reunions with long-lost family members, infidelity, addictions, strained relationships between twins, and family dilemmas are among the topics Cunningham tries to help his guests with. Read More Read Less


      Episode 1 Aired Sep 14, 2015 Open Your Eyes ... DNA Surprise! DNA test results are revealed, unleashing pent-up feelings of anger and betrayal within a feuding family. Details Episode 2 Aired Sep 15, 2015 Stop Your Deadbeat Ways Before I Walk Away! Adults who feel they were neglected and abandoned as children face off with their parents. Details Episode 3 Aired Sep 16, 2015 I Declare ... Family Warfare! Hurt and betrayed people confront loved ones; Bill tries to help foster forgiveness. Details Episode 4 Aired Sep 17, 2015 You're a Lowdown Deadbeat Dad! A man confronts his ex-girlfriend's new guy; paternity is questioned. Details Episode 5 Aired Sep 18, 2015 Twisted Sisters Fight Back! Sisters who feel hurt and betrayed confront each other. Details Episode 6 Aired Sep 21, 2015 Singled Out: The Unwanted Child People who say they were abandoned confront their mothers. Details Episode 7 Aired Sep 22, 2015 Loving Sisters vs. Sketchy Misters Secrets are exposed that could ruin relationships between family members. Details Episode 8 Aired Sep 23, 2015 You're a Deadbeat in the Hot Seat! Angry women who claim they were abandoned and neglected confront their mothers. Details Episode 9 Aired Sep 24, 2015 Murder, Deception & DNA! People are angry with the mates their relatives chose. Details Episode 10 Aired Sep 25, 2015 Stop Partying and Start Parenting! Young mothers are confronted by loved ones who think they are partying too much. Details Episode 11 Aired Sep 28, 2015 Your Bro-mance Is Killing Our Romance! Women confront possibly unfaithful men and their friends, who may be bad influences; lie detector tests reveal the truth. Details Episode 12 Aired Sep 29, 2015 The Mother-Daughter Blame Game! Women and their daughters face off over who is to blame for their broken relationships. Details Episode 13 Aired Sep 30, 2015 I Won't Rest Until You Take the DNA & LDT Tests! Lie detector tests determine answers for a woman who thinks relatives are sleeping with her boyfriend, and a man who is questioning his son's paternity. Details Episode 14 Aired Oct 1, 2015 Big Bad Baby Daddy Denies DNA Men who are denying paternity are confronted and face DNA tests. Details Episode 15 Aired Oct 2, 2015 Meddling Moms Cross the Line A man accuses his mother-in-law of trying to destroy his marriage; a woman and her mother face off over their volatile relationship. Details Episode 16 Aired Oct 5, 2015 Relationships on the Line ... Results Just in Time! Lie detector tests give answers to people who suspect each other of horrendous acts of betrayal. Details Episode 17 Aired Oct 6, 2015 Mama Knows Best or Is She Just Obsessed? Women and their daughters accuse each other of wrongdoing. Details Episode 18 Aired Oct 7, 2015 Relationship Revamp, Couples Boot Camp Lie detector tests help people decide if they should end their relationships. Details Episode 19 Aired Oct 8, 2015 It's Me or Your Baby Mama! A future mother-in-law is out of control; an angry ex-girlfriend. Details Episode 20 Aired Oct 9, 2015 Lady, You're Crazy If You Think That's My Baby DNA test results reveal the paternity of two couples' babies. Details Episode 21 Aired Oct 12, 2015 I'm an Online Honey, I Do It for the Money People beg their loved ones to stop working in the sex industry. Details Episode 22 Aired Oct 13, 2015 Step Up to the Plate Before It's Too Late! Concerned women ask their daughters to quit living reckless, dangerous lives. Details Episode 23 Aired Oct 14, 2015 If the Rumors Are True, I'm Leaving You! People suspect their partners of cheating on them with best friends, ex-lovers and strangers. Details Episode 24 Aired Oct 15, 2015 Daddy's Denying but Mommy May Be Lying! Family drama requires lie detector and paternity tests. Details Episode 25 Aired Oct 16, 2015 Secret Family Love Affairs The truth is revealed to those who suspect they have been betrayed by loved ones. Details Episode 26 Aired Oct 19, 2015 I Don't Care ... I'm Having an Affair A man confesses that he is involved with three women; a man reveals his secret affair to his fiancee. Details Episode 27 Aired Oct 20, 2015 Reckless, Destructive & Confronted! Family members confront loved ones about drug use, drinking and neglect in hopes of helping them before it's too late. Details Episode 28 Aired Oct 21, 2015 Did You Take the Bait and Have Sex With My Roommate? Lie detector tests settle the score for a woman who thinks her man is sleeping with her roommate, and a woman who thinks her husband is cheating. Details Episode 29 Aired Oct 22, 2015 I Heard It Through the Grapevine ... The Kid Ain't Mine Paternity tests reveal the truth to people dealing with trust issues. Details Episode 30 Aired Oct 23, 2015 Get off Your Feet ... You're an Awful Deadbeat! People who have always felt neglected confront their parents. Details Episode 31 Aired Oct 26, 2015 Scandalous Sex & Shameful Secrets! Outrageous lie detector tests reveal the shocking truth regarding scandalous suspicions and accusations. Details Episode 32 Aired Oct 27, 2015 I'll Pass the LDT, Your Relative Didn't Sleep With Me! People who think their partners have cheated on them demand lie detector tests. Details Episode 33 Aired Oct 28, 2015 You Lie ... and I Don't Believe Your Alibi! People who have been accused of unthinkable betrayals undergo lie detector tests to reveal the truth. Details Episode 34 Aired Oct 29, 2015 Adult Daughters Demand Daddy's DNA! Women who grew up without dads confront and demand DNA tests from the men they suspect of being their biological fathers. Details Episode 35 Aired Oct 30, 2015 Best Friend Beware ... Confess Your Secret Affair! A woman thinks her boyfriend slept with her male cousin; a man thinks his girlfriend slept with his best friend. Details Episode 36 Aired Nov 2, 2015 Love, Hate or Soul Mate? Couples in destructive, volatile relationships take lie detector tests to see if they should give their love another shot. Details Episode 37 Aired Nov 3, 2015 Betrayed by My Broken Family! Hurt and betrayed people confront their parents; DNA test results. Details Episode 38 Aired Nov 4, 2015 Moms Put on Blast ... Can These Families Last? Loved ones ask mothers to change their ways before it's too late. Details Episode 39 Aired Nov 5, 2015 I Need to Know -- Am I the Daddy? Relatives think men are being tricked into fatherhood; DNA test results. Details Episode 40 Aired Nov 6, 2015 You're a Ho and Your Pimp Needs to Go! People suspected of working in the sex industry are confronted by friends and family who want them to change their lives. Details Episode 41 Aired Nov 9, 2015 Deadbeat Moms ... Broken Children People confront their mothers, who they say are neglectful party animals. Details Episode 42 Aired Nov 10, 2015 Don't Deny ... Our Relationship Is a Lie! Lie detector tests are issued to people accused of scandalous behavior. Details Episode 43 Aired Nov 11, 2015 Let It Go ... Your Addiction Is Out of Control! A woman is confronted by family members, who say her drug abuse has contributed to great losses in her life. Details Episode 44 Aired Nov 12, 2015 Promiscuous Ladies, Questionable Babies! DNA and lie detector tests give closure to people doubting paternity. Details Episode 45 Aired Nov 13, 2015 You May Look Like a Star but You Ain't Going Far! People who resemble celebrities are confronted by loved ones who are fed up with their attitude. Details Episode 46 Aired Nov 16, 2015 I'm a Better Parent Than You ... So Back Off! Parenting issues threaten to destroy family bonds. Details Episode 47 Aired Nov 17, 2015 Double-Crossing Dudes and Cheating Feuds! A man thinks his girlfriend is unfaithful and hungry for money; a man thinks his boyfriend slept with a transgender friend. Details Episode 48 Aired Nov 18, 2015 Lying Lust, Twisted Trust! A twisted love triangle and a woman who thinks her man is sleeping with her best friend prompt lie detector tests. Details Episode 49 Aired Nov 19, 2015 One Night Stands & DNA Demands DNA tests reveal shocking paternity truths. Details Episode 50 Aired Nov 20, 2015 My Lover's a Ho ... So I Gotta Go! People are accused of trading sex for money. Details Episode 51 Aired Nov 23, 2015 DNA, Don't Bother ... You're the Father! DNA test results reveal shocking lies, deceits and cheats. Details Episode 52 Aired Nov 24, 2015 I'm Having an Affair With Your Mother! People who have been deceitful and unfaithful confess their indiscretions. Details Episode 53 Aired Nov 25, 2015 Stop Denying Because DNA Ain't Lying A man uncertain of paternity wants a DNA test. Details Episode 54 Aired Feb 3, 2016 You're A Nasty, Mean Fighting Machine! People who think men in their families are being bullied and taken advantage of by the women they love. Details Episode 55 Aired Feb 4, 2016 Rumors, Lies and DNA You Can't Deny! Two couples fighting over paternity wait for DNA results. Details Episode 56 Aired Feb 5, 2016 Stop Playing Games, I'm Not to Blame! Fighting sisters and a couple seek help after suffering a tremendous loss. Details Episode 57 Aired Feb 8, 2016 My Sabotaging Sister Could Be Messing With My Mister! A woman who has suspicions about her sister demands a lie detector test; a woman thinks her boyfriend is sleeping with her sister. Details Episode 58 Aired Feb 9, 2016 Filthy Lies And Nasty Guys! A woman thinks her mate is unfaithful; a man thinks his girlfriend is having an affair with his brother. Details Episode 59 Aired Feb 10, 2016 Bad Moms or Bad Kids? Women and their children confront each other and ask Bill for help identifying the source of bad blood. Details Episode 60 Aired Feb 11, 2016 You Cried Wolf Today & Lied About the DNA! Families torn apart by questions about paternity finally find out the truth. Details Episode 61 Aired Feb 12, 2016 Happily Ever After or a Complete Disaster? Couples in turmoil over allegations of infidelity take lie detectors to determine the truth. Details Episode 62 Aired Feb 15, 2016 Relationships on Fire! Your Mate's a Cheating Liar! Lie detector tests reveal the truth about cheating accusations and denials. Details Episode 63 Aired Feb 16, 2016 Bad Moms Put on Blast! Women who say their mothers used and abused them come to Bill for help repairing their relationships. Details Episode 64 Aired Feb 17, 2016 I Refuse to Keep Being the Black Sheep of the Family! People confront their loved ones in hopes of strengthening bonds that are in danger of breaking. Details Episode 65 Aired Feb 18, 2016 Take the DNA Test So She'll Go Away! DNA tests settle disputes regarding paternity. Details Episode 66 Aired Feb 19, 2016 Families in Despair Over a Naughty Affair! DNA and pregnancy tests reveal the truth to guests who are upset about possible affairs. Details Episode 67 Aired Feb 22, 2016 Stop Fueling the Fire ... You're a Dirty Liar! Lie detector tests could reveal scandalous secrets. Details Episode 68 Aired Feb 23, 2016 My Husband Is Not the Father of Your Baby! Women insist their husbands are not the fathers of other women's babies. Details Episode 69 Aired Feb 24, 2016 Twisted Train Wreck Trysts! Suspicions are raised and shocking truths are revealed. Details Episode 70 Aired Feb 25, 2016 Deadbeat Drama and Devious Baby Mamas! Family members make claims about absent fathers and calculating baby mamas. Details Episode 71 Aired Feb 26, 2016 Taboo Trysts or Marital Bliss? Lie detector test results determine the fate of relationships. Details Episode 72 Aired Feb 29, 2016 Mom You Abandoned Me, Now Face Me People who think their mothers chose drugs over them initiate confrontations. Details Episode 73 Aired Mar 1, 2016 Your Cheating Ways Will Be Stopped Today People want to find out if their suspicions of infidelity are true. Details Episode 74 Aired Mar 2, 2016 DNA Doesn't Play ... He's Your Kid All the Way! People demand paternity tests. Details Episode 75 Aired Apr 28, 2016 Baby Mamas & Boyfriend Dramas A man's girlfriends battle it out while they await DNA test results; a man confronts his girlfriend's meddling sister. Details Episode 76 Aired Apr 29, 2016 Zero Trust and LDT Busts! Guests submit to lie detector tests to prove that they are trustworthy. Details Episode 77 Aired May 2, 2016 There's No Doubt...If You Cheated You're Out! A woman believes her fiancé is sleeping with her younger sister and his baby mama. Details Episode 78 Aired May 3, 2016 Why Be A Father If You Can't Even Bother? A woman accuses her boyfriend of being a deadbeat; a woman wants her sister to dump her beau. Details Episode 79 Aired May 4, 2016 I'm Over Your Obesity! Lose It, Or Lose Me! Guests confront their obese loved ones and encourage them to lose weight. Details Episode 80 Aired May 5, 2016 Daddy's DNA Doesn't Lie! DNA tests reveal whether a woman was loyal to her man while he was in prison; a couple fights over the paternity of their children. Details Episode 81 Aired May 6, 2016 Best Of Bill: Low Down, Deadbeat Parents! Bill takes a look back at some of the show's worst parents. Details Episode 82 Aired May 9, 2016 Bill's Best Family Dramas And Baby Mamas! A look back at some of the wildest family dramas. Details Episode 83 Aired May 10, 2016 The Best Of The Worst...Where Are They Now? Bill looks back at some of the worst deceivers and cheaters that have been on the show. Details Episode 84 Aired May 11, 2016 The Best Of Mothers & Daughters Divided! Bill looks at the show's most explosive mother-daughter face-offs. Details Episode 85 Aired May 12, 2016 Bill's Biggest DNA Dramas! Bill looks back at the show's most shocking DNA dramas. Details Episode 86 Aired May 13, 2016 Best Of Bill: DNA Dilemmas And Lusty Lies Bill looks back on the show's most volatile DNA dilemmas. Details Episode 87 Aired May 16, 2016 No More Rumors & Lies...You're Busted! Accusations of infidelity are put to the lie detector test. Details Episode 88 Aired May 17, 2016 I Won't Back Down - I'm Ready For A Family Showdown! Families in crisis make a last ditch effort to mend their broken relationships. Details Episode 89 Aired May 18, 2016 Dirty Histories...DNA Mysteries DNA and lie detector tests help guests discover the truth about loved ones. Details

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