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      Season 1 – The District

      2000 Crime Drama List
      67% 12 Reviews Tomatometer Washington, D.C., Police Chief Jack Mannion, runs a modern-day "Untouchables" team to patrol the most crime-ridden, drug-infested streets in his city. Read More Read Less
      The District — Season 1

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      Critics Consensus

      Despite its problematic depiction of race and politics in Washington, D.C., Craig T. Nelson's magnetic performance as police chief Jack Mannion helps make The District a solid series.

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      Previous Episode 1 Aired Oct 7, 2000 Pilot Police Chief Jack Mannion (Craig T. Nelson) attempts to clean the streets of Washington, D.C.; a man goes on a shooting rampage at the Kennedy Center. Details Episode 2 Aired Oct 14, 2000 Dirty Laundry Mannion issues a mandate to get illegal guns off the streets and uncovers the motive behind the murder of a wealthy young man. Details Episode 3 Aired Oct 21, 2000 Worst Block Mannion's strategy to eliminate crime on the most infested block in the city upsets the mayor's friend; higher-ups accuse Temple of intentionally pushing a suspect into traffic. Details Episode 4 Aired Oct 28, 2000 Surveillance Mannion upsets senior officers by ordering them to work the same schedule as criminals do: nights and weekends. Details Episode 5 Aired Nov 4, 2000 The Real Terrorist Mannion must help the FBI track down a possible terrorist while trying to seize another on a killing spree. Details Episode 6 Aired Nov 11, 2000 How They Lived After Mannion lashes out at corrupt cops, the rest of the force stages a sickout, leaving him holding the bag during a special visit by Cuban President Fidel Castro. Details Episode 7 Aired Nov 18, 2000 Imperfect Victims Ella worries when her nephew must testify against his father for the murder of his mother, while Temple tries to convince a woman with a checkered past to testify as well. Details Episode 8 Aired Nov 25, 2000 The Jackal Mannion tracks down a deranged man abusing senior citizens by moving into their homes and stealing their ATM codes; Helen learns the name of Mayor Baker's lover. Details Episode 9 Aired Dec 9, 2000 Pot Scrubbers Temple goes under cover after the arrest of a 15-year-old bike messenger tips the team off to a drug ring that poses as a messenger service when catering to wealthy clients. Details Episode 10 Aired Dec 16, 2000 The Santa Wars Mannion receives a death threat; Santas threaten to go to war over the most profitable street corners for donations. Details Episode 11 Aired Jan 6, 2001 The D.C. Strangler A veteran's hardened attitude toward a series of horrendous murders forces Temple to question his own toughness while tracking down a suspect who turns out be in the Navy. Details Episode 12 Aired Jan 20, 2001 Old Ghosts A wave of emotion washes over McGregor when he runs into the former Irish Republican Army terrorist responsible for killing some of the police officer's old colleagues. Details Episode 13 Aired Feb 3, 2001 Vigilante Mannion calls in an undercover cop to put a stop to the vigilante murders of child molesters, despite his own personal feelings toward the victims. Details Episode 14 Aired Feb 10, 2001 Rage Against the Machine The safety of a foster child rests in Mannion's hands after the chief learns that the foster father is only in it for the money. Details Episode 15 Aired Feb 17, 2001 The Most Dangerous Job Mannion crusades for the safety of the city's cabdrivers; an undercover operation threatens Temple's life. Details Episode 16 Aired Feb 24, 2001 A Southern Town Emotions long since forgotten creep up at the wedding of Mannion's former wife, threatening not only her impending marriage, but Mannion's new relationship as well. Details Episode 17 Aired Mar 10, 2001 New World Temple and McGregor get a big surprise when they discover that the smuggled goods they once thought were drugs turn out to be Vietnamese women caught in an illegal sex trade. Details Episode 18 Aired Apr 7, 2001 Night Moves A ticked off Mannion swears to restore peace when the escalation of turf wars between two gangs ends up cutting down an innocent bystander. Details Episode 19 Aired Apr 21, 2001 The Agony and the Ecstasy The war on drugs hits Mannion where it hurts when he discovers that his son, Jack Jr., and his son's girlfriend, Candace, are using and selling ecstasy. Details Episode 20 Aired Apr 28, 2001 Running Towards Fire When a white rookie officer shoots a black undercover officer, Mannion deals with racial tension within the force. Details Episode 21 Aired May 5, 2001 Don't Fence Me In The seedy owner of a fencing operation cooperates with Temple and McGregor, giving them the street credibility they need to start their own operation, which they use to track down criminals. Details Episode 22 Aired May 12, 2001 Fools Russian Mannion's career is at stake when he turns for help in a current investigation to a Russian mob contact from his past. Details Episode 23 Aired May 19, 2001 Fools Russian Mannion's (Craig T. Nelson) career hangs in the balance because of his past connections with the Russian mob. Guest star: Jean Smart. Details Next
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      Critics Reviews

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      Previous Slate Staff Slate The events portrayed in The District are almost true to life, at least right out of the newspaper, albeit with a little mixing and matching. But the characters don't come to life, and none of the actors do their real-life inspirations any justice. Oct 28, 2019 Full Review John Carman San Francisco Chronicle [Craig T.] Nelson casts aside restraint and seizes command of the camera as a tough idealist armed with charm, chutzpah, a healthy ego and a quirky weakness for show-business allusions. Oct 28, 2019 Full Review Tom Shales Washington Post The concept is absurd as well as wildly insensitive. Oct 28, 2019 Full Review Tom Jicha South Florida Sun-Sentinel As portrayed by Craig T. Nelson, Jack could be on his way to becoming the country's new favorite TV cop. Nelson attacks the role with uninhibited gusto, as if Jack were regularly dipping into the evidence locker for a handful of amphetamines. Oct 28, 2019 Full Review Rob Owen Pittsburgh Post-Gazette Whatever the politics of it, The District is a decent drama. Not great, but certainly interesting, especially if it actually deals with issues of race and politics. Oct 28, 2019 Full Review David Zurawik Baltimore Sun [Jack] Maple believes he created a hero in the character of Mannion. I see a self-aggrandizing, self-important hotdog in black and white shoes who I wouldn't put in charge of a swing dancing class let alone the police department. Oct 25, 2019 Full Review Read all reviews Next
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      Season Info

      Rick Rosenthal, Terry George, Oz Scott, Sandy Smolan, Kevin Dowling, Stephen Cragg, Richard J. Lewis, Peter Markle
      Executive Producer
      Terry George, Denise Di Novi
      Terry George, Pam Veasey, Scott Williams, Linda Gase, Michael Daly, Hans Beimler, Meredith Stiehm, Sadhbh Walshe, Aaron Iverson, Jack Maple
      TV-14 (V)
      Crime, Drama
      Original Language
      Release Date
      Oct 7, 2000
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