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      Season 3 – The Fairly OddParents

      2003 Kids & Family Comedy Animation List
      Reviews 79% Fewer than 50 Ratings Audience Score Timmy Turner, a 10-year-old boy, has had it with his babysitter! He summons his fairy godparents who have the power to grant him wishes. Some of the wishes are really helpful, others don't work out so well. Timmy's godparents Wanda and Cosmo have ideas of their own and always lead Timmy on interesting adventures. Read More Read Less Watch on Vudu Premiered Jul 12 Buy Now

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      The Fairly OddParents — Season 3

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      Cast & Crew

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      Previous Episode 1 Aired Jan 10, 2003 Cosmo Con; Wanda's Day Off Cosmo is chosen to be the host of the secret fairy convention; Timmy sends Wanda to a spa for a day off. Details Episode 2 Aired Jan 20, 2003 Information Stupor Highway Timmy writes Trixie an email asking her to go to the school dance, but Cosmo and Timmy's parents add their own terrible improvements and send it. Timmy must then venture into the Internet to prevent the email from reaching Trixie's computer. Details Episode 3 Aired Jan 27, 2003 Odd Jobs; Movie Magic Timmy wishes his father had a cooler job; Timmy enters the Dimm-a-dance Film Festival to impress Trixie Tang. Details Episode 4 Aired Feb 14, 2003 Love Struck When his hopes for his first Valentine's Day kiss are dashed, Timmy wishes for a world without girls. Details Episode 5 Aired Mar 23, 2003 Microphony; So Totally Spaced Out Vicky advertises on the radio; Mark Chang seeks Timmy's help in defeating an alien race. Details Episode 6 Aired May 2, 2003 Most Wanted Wish; This Is Your Wish Timmy wishes he were the most wanted kid in America; Mama Cosmo gets her son on to a Fairyworld television program. Details Episode 7 Aired May 9, 2003 Engine Blocked; Mighty Mom and Dyno Dad Meet the Crimson Chin Timmy wishes he was his father's sports car; Timmy accidentally releases the Crimson Chin's arch-villain, the Anti-Chin, into our world. Details Episode 8 Aired May 17, 2003 Sleep Over and Over; Mother Nature Timmy gets caught in the middle of a feud between Chester and A.J.; Timmy's mother starts predicting the weather. Details Episode 9 Aired May 23, 2003 Beddy Bye; Grass Is Greener Timmy wishes that nobody needs sleep; Timmy thinks his parents would be better off without him so he wishes that he wasn't their son. Details Episode 10 Aired Jun 27, 2003 The Secret Origin of Denzel Crocker Timmy goes back in time to try to change Mr. Crocker's past so that he will be a happier person in the present. Details Episode 11 Aired Jul 12, 2003 Abracatastrophe Timmy gets a special gift for his one-year anniversary with godparents Cosmo and Wanda. Details Episode 12 Aired Jul 12, 2003 Abracatastrophe Timmy gets a special gift for his one-year anniversary with godparents Cosmo and Wanda. Details Episode 13 Aired Jul 12, 2003 Abracatastrophe Timmy gets a special gift for his one-year anniversary with godparents Cosmo and Wanda. Details Episode 14 Aired Sep 26, 2003 Pipe Down; The Big Scoop Timmy wishes that the entire world would be quiet; Chester and A.J. are suspicious of Timmy's sudden popularity. Details Episode 15 Aired Oct 10, 2003 Crash Nebula In order for Sprig Speevak to become a space hero, he must first survive the perils of space high school. Details Episode 16 Aired Oct 17, 2003 Where's Wanda?; Imaginary Gary Timmy enters Cosmo and Wanda as goldfish in a contest at school; Timmy wishes his long forgotten imaginary friend to life. Details Episode 17 Aired Oct 18, 2003 The Crimson Chin in "Crime Wave"; Odd Ball Problems occur when Timmy leaves his Crimson Chin comic on the side of his bathtub; Timmy wishes for the height and skills of a basketball superstar. Details Episode 18 Aired Nov 7, 2003 Miss Dimmsdale; Mind Over Magic Vicky uses underhanded tactics to try to win a beauty pageant; Timmy wishes that he can read people's minds. Details Episode 19 Aired Nov 7, 2003 Chip off the Old Chip; Snow Bound Timmy wishes for Chip Skylark's voice in order to win the lead in the school play; Timmy and Vicky are trapped in a cave after an avalanche hits Mt. Dimmsdale. Details Episode 20 Aired Nov 11, 2003 Kung Timmy; Which Witch Is Which? Timmy wishes for master kung-fu skills in order to fight a bully; Timmy travels back in time and encounters a crazed witch-hunter. Details Episode 21 Aired Nov 14, 2003 Hard Copy; Parent Hoods Wanda gives Timmy a magic photocopier; the police mistakenly think Timmy's parents are dangerous outlaws. Details Next
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      Previous Terry Kelleher People Magazine The clever jokes come fast and furious in a cyberthriller sure to tickle techno-savvy kids and any grownups who can keep pace. Oct 3, 2018 Full Review Next
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      Audience Ratings

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      Previous Thomas R This season is the same as last time, great enough. Rated 4.5 out of 5 stars 09/18/23 Full Review Next Post a review

      Season Info

      Butch Hartman, Wincat Alcala, Dave Thomas, John Fountain, Sarah Frost, Gary Conrad, Ken Bruce
      Executive Producer
      Butch Hartman, Fred Seibert
      Butch Hartman, Scott Fellows, Dave Thomas, Steve Marmel, Jack Thomas, Spencer Green, Dave Thomas, Jim Hecht
      Kids & Family, Comedy, Animation
      Original Language
      Release Date
      Jan 10, 2003
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