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      David Lynch

      David Lynch

      Highest Rated: 100% Lumiere and Company (1995)

      Lowest Rated: 20% A Fall From Grace (2019)

      Birthday: Jan 20, 1946

      Birthplace: Missoula, Montana, USA

      Much like his body of work, David Lynch often defied tidy description. As a filmmaker it was possibly more instructive to refer to him as a surrealist artist working in the medium of film, rather than a traditional movie director and writer. From his debut feature "Eraserhead" (1978), it was clear that Lynch held a deep fascination with the utterly grotesque residing just below the surface of the everyday. He would use that fascination to his advantage with his second film, the hugely successful "The Elephant Man" (1980), only to be dealt a bitter blow by the disastrous, costly experience of "Dune" (1984). However, with the quasi-autobiographical thriller "Blue Velvet" (1986), Lynch would establish a thematic aesthetic - dubbed "Lynchian" - that he would continue to evolve throughout his career. He also had tremendous, albeit brief, success in television with the series "Twin Peaks" (ABC, 1989-1991), a murder mystery that temporarily tapped into the American zeitgeist. In the wake of the series' end, Lynch instinctive defied expectations, releasing the exceedingly violent "Wild at Heart" (1990) and the almost universally reviled (but later reappraised) "Twin Peaks: Fire Walk with Me" (1992). And yet, Lynch's resolve to make his films his way remained resolute. As did his ability to confound and surprise audiences, exemplified by films like the truly mind-bending "Lost Highway" (1997) and the heartfelt "The Straight Story" (1999), his most conventional and heartwarming narrative feature. Moving into the 21st Century, Lynch continued to defy conventions - as well as traditional narrative structure - with films like "Mulholland Dr." (2001), even as he contributed voice work for a cartoon sitcom, delivered the daily Los Angeles weather report on his personal web site, and filmed an info-movie for Christian Dior - very Lynchian, indeed. After the three-hour, almost deliberately confounding "Inland Empire" (2006), Lynch withdrew from feature filmmaking, making a series of short films including an absurdist "sitcom" called "Rabbits" (2002), releasing a pair of music albums and even directing a concert film for Duran Duran. Over 25 years after its debut, Lynch and co-creator Mark Frost surprised diehard "Twin Peaks" fans with "Twin Peaks: The Return" (Showtime 2017), an 18-part "third season" of the series that not only brought back beloved original characters but greatly expanded the show's peculiar universe.

      Highest rated movies

      Lumiere and Company
      What Did Jack Do?
      The Fabelmans
      Harry Dean Stanton: Partly Fiction
      A Slice of Lynch
      A Fall From Grace


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      92% 83% The Fabelmans Unknown (Character) $17.3M 2022
      45% 77% The Other Me Executive Producer - 2022
      50% 57% Moby Doc Self - 2021
      93% 70% What Did Jack Do? Detective (Character),
      - 2020
      No Score Yet No Score Yet Ecstasy Music - 2020
      100% No Score Yet Meeting the Beatles in India Self - 2020
      20% No Score Yet A Fall From Grace Unknown (Character) - 2019
      97% 81% Lucky Howard (Character) $955.7K 2017
      No Score Yet No Score Yet Shadows of Paradise Self - 2016
      91% 74% David Lynch: The Art Life Self $169.5K 2016
      71% No Score Yet Blue Velvet Revisited Self - 2016
      No Score Yet 74% My Beautiful Broken Brain Unknown (Character),
      Executive Producer
      - 2014
      No Score Yet 90% Twin Peaks: The Missing Pieces Director,
      Film Editing
      - 2014
      No Score Yet No Score Yet What Is Cinema? Unknown (Character) - 2013
      89% 76% Harry Dean Stanton: Partly Fiction Unknown (Character) - 2012
      No Score Yet No Score Yet Meditation, Creativity, Peace Screenwriter - 2012
      No Score Yet 79% David Wants to Fly Unknown (Character) - 2010
      No Score Yet 74% 2012: Time for Change Unknown (Voice) $63.5K 2010
      50% 44% My Son, My Son, What Have Ye Done Executive Producer - 2009
      66% 43% Great Directors Self $17.9K 2009
      No Score Yet 61% DumbLand Unknown (Character),
      - 2009
      55% 43% Surveillance Executive Producer $25.4K 2008
      58% 68% A Slice of Lynch Unknown (Character) - 2007
      No Score Yet No Score Yet Cold Hard Cash Writer - 2007
      72% 75% Inland Empire Director,
      - 2006
      No Score Yet 40% Dynamic: 1: The Best of Unknown (Character),
      - 2006
      No Score Yet No Score Yet Who's on First Original Music - 2006
      84% 87% Mulholland Dr. Director,
      Executive Producer
      $0 2001
      94% 91% The Straight Story Director $6.2M 1999
      68% 87% Lost Highway Director,
      $18.0K 1997
      100% 78% Lumiere and Company Unknown (Character) - 1995
      64% 67% Nadja Morgue Receptionist (Character) - 1994
      95% 89% Crumb Producer $19.9K 1994
      No Score Yet 33% Hotel Room Director,
      Executive Producer
      - 1993
      63% 78% Twin Peaks: Fire Walk With Me Director $4.2M 1992
      No Score Yet 65% Industrial Symphony No. 1: The Dream of the Broken Hearted Director - 1990
      65% 81% Wild at Heart Director,
      Original Music
      $14.5M 1990
      No Score Yet 60% Zelly and Me Willie (Character) $8.7K 1988
      95% 88% Blue Velvet Director,
      $8.6M 1986
      No Score Yet No Score Yet Mania Director - 1986
      37% 65% Dune Director,
      - 1984
      92% 93% The Elephant Man Director,
      - 1980
      89% 82% Eraserhead Director,
      Original Music,
      Film Editing,
      Production Design,
      Art Director
      - 1977
      No Score Yet 75% The Grandmother Director,
      - 1970
      No Score Yet 76% The Alphabet Director,
      Film Editing
      - 1968
      No Score Yet No Score Yet Six Men Getting Sick Director,
      - 1966
      No Score Yet 43% Six Figures Getting Sick Director,
      - 1966


      94% 83% Twin Peaks: The Return FBI Deputy Director Gordon Cole (Character),
      Unknown (Voice),
      No Score Yet 65% Family Guy Gus (Guest Voice) 2010 2016
      No Score Yet 65% The Cleveland Show Gus (Guest Voice) 2010-2013
      93% 95% Louie Jack Dall (Guest Star) 2012
      78% 92% Twin Peaks FBI Regional Bureau Chief Gordon Cole (Guest Voice),
      FBI Regional Bureau Chief Gordon Cole (Guest Star),