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      Season 2 – Glenn Martin, DDS

      2010 Comedy Animation List
      Reviews The first production to come from Michael Eisner's Tornante Animation, "Glenn Martin, DDS" follows the adventures of a dentist who, after learning that his favorite childhood amusement park is about to be demolished, takes his family on a cross-country road trip in his toothbrush-topped "dental mobile" to protest the razing. Along the way, the Martins grow closer as a family as they're met by an assortment of colorful locals and crazy situations. The stop-motion animated comedy's road trip plot, as Eisner sees it, is in the mold of themes explored in feature films "Little Miss Sunshine" and "Vacation." Read More Read Less

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      Glenn Martin, DDS — Season 2

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      Previous Episode 1 Aired Jun 11, 2010 Bust 'em Up Glenn books a spa weekend to help rekindle the magic in his marriage; Grandpa Whitey and Conor hunt a vicious turkey. Details Episode 2 Aired Jun 18, 2010 Dog Show When Canine fails to grasp basic tricks in preparation for a dog show, Glenn is tempted to replace him with a clone of his childhood pet. Details Episode 3 Aired Jul 2, 2010 Footlooseball Wendy becomes the quarterback of a Texas high-school football team; Conor uses his new found love for dancing to influence the town elders. Details Episode 4 Aired Jul 9, 2010 Jackie's Get-Witch-Quick Scheme Jackie discovers that her ancestor was accused of witchcraft and sets out to clear her name. Details Episode 5 Aired Jul 30, 2010 Tooth Fairy After a masseuse accidentally turns off Glenn's ability to feel pain, he becomes a crime-fighting tooth fairy. Details Episode 6 Aired Sep 10, 2010 Fashion Show Conor becomes a fashion model; Jackie works on her own clothing line; Glenn accidentally drives the RV into the Hudson River. Details Episode 7 Aired Sep 17, 2010 Step-Brother Glenn competes for his mother's attention when she remarries. Details Episode 8 Aired Oct 15, 2010 Life Swap Glenn grows bored with dentistry and decides to make a career change; Courtney and Wendy find out what it is like to be sisters; Conor gets a job throwing fish. Details Episode 9 Aired Dec 3, 2010 Christmas Cavalcade A canine that can talk is is the narrator of three holiday stories. Details Episode 10 Aired Dec 20, 2010 Courtney's Pony Jackie urges Courtney to try being a kid again and buys her a pony; Glenn becomes attached to a doll; Conor uses a hidden talent to win a girl's heart. Details Episode 11 Aired Dec 21, 2010 Dad News Bears Glenn gains respect for Conor when he coaches his little league team; Courtney discovers that her former assistant is more successful than she is; Jackie gets revenge on the snooty housewives from her old neighborhood. Details Episode 12 Aired Dec 22, 2010 Volunteers While in Tennessee, the Martins sign up to volunteer; Glenn fails the volunteer firefighter test, but Jackie passes on her first try; Courtney and Wendy feel inspired during their volunteering experience at the hospital. Details Episode 13 Aired Dec 23, 2010 Camp Conor reinvents himself before attending Glenn's old summer camp; Courtney and Wendy compete for the attention of the camp heartthrob; Glenn and Jackie serve as camp counselors. Details Episode 14 Aired Dec 23, 2010 Camp Conor reinvents himself before attending Glenn's old summer camp; Courtney and Wendy compete for the attention of the camp heartthrob; Glenn and Jackie serve as camp counselors. Details Episode 15 Aired Feb 4, 2011 GlennHog Day A freak accident causes Glenn to wake up each day thinking that it is his wedding anniversary. Details Episode 16 Aired Feb 18, 2011 Glenn and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance Glenn struggles to cope when Courtney meets her first boyfriend. Details Episode 17 Aired Jul 10, 2011 Windfall Glenn inadvertently invests in a dry oil well that can provide wind power. Details Episode 18 Aired Aug 7, 2011 Videogame Wizard After the family hires a tutor for the kids, Jackie is seduced by an old demon. Details Episode 19 Aired Aug 21, 2011 Date With Destiny The Martins cross paths with superspy Drake Stone, whose dashing lifestyle comes crashing down. Details Episode 20 Aired Nov 6, 2011 Heist Glenn discovers that his army dentist friends now rob casinos; Jackie and Conor enter an eating contest. Details Next
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      Previous Hunter N I have no clue what this show is about but I remember seeing it on TV as a kid. They had an RV and I thought that was sick! Rated 5 out of 5 stars 12/21/22 Full Review Next Post a review

      Season Info

      Executive Producer
      Michael Eisner, Noel Bright, Steven A. Cohen, Eric Fogel, Michael Jamin, Sivert Glarum
      Comedy, Animation
      Original Language
      Release Date
      Jun 11, 2010
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